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Means against snoring: 23 products in the test

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Means against snoring: 23 products in the test

Snoring is annoying – especially for people around you

It gets on your nerves and drives some people to flee: if you snore in the next bed, sometimes deafeningly and for hours, you can no longer think of sleeping. But moving to the sofa or even permanently separate bedrooms are not an option for everyone. So another solution is needed. Snoring remedies promise help. But how good are they really?

Anti-snoring remedies
23 products tested

These remedies against snoring were tested

The range of different aids against snoring is varied. Stiftung Warentest purchased 23 products:

  • 6 products, the one prevent supine should, for example anti-snoring vest, anti-snoring belt or anti-snoring backpack,
  • 7 products that the keep your nose clear should, for example nose clip and nose strip,
  • 3 products that move the lower jaw forward, for example snoring splints or dental splints,
  • 4 products that mouth closed should hold, for example anti-snoring band or mouth strip,
  • 3 Other products, snoring rings or an anti-snoring pillow.

We wanted to know: can the products actually bring snorers to rest? Incidentally, we did not examine anti-snoring sprays, i.e. mouth and nose sprays that promise to help against snoring. Reason: It was already clear in advance that there were no convincing studies to assess the effectiveness.

Means against snoring – that’s what the test by Stiftung Warentest offers

  • Test­ergeb­nisse. We ordered and examined 23 anti-snoring remedies online. The prices for the products are between around 4 and 200 euros. The results range from “suitable with restrictions” to “not suitable”.
  • Kauf­beratung. The test explains how the products are supposed to work, which ones it might be worth trying out for snorers and which specific requirements have to be met.
  • tips and background. A sleep doctor explains what complicates snoring research, what habits snorers should break, and when it’s a good idea to see a doctor.
  • Heft­artikel. If you unlock the topic, you will get access to the PDF for the test report from test 10/2021.
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Remedy against snoring: Some are worth trying out

We had all 23 aids checked by an expert. Most importantly, is there enough scientific evidence that they prevent snoring? We also asked the providers about studies. There is no panacea that can stop snoring. However, we rate some of the products from our test as suitable with restrictions. It may be worth trying for those affected.

Identify the cause of snoring

An important prerequisite: the cause of snoring must be identified and, if in doubt, clarified with the help of a dentist or ear, nose and throat doctor. Because only those who know what causes snoring can then start looking for a suitable anti-snoring remedy. If the products then act in the right place, they can certainly have a calming effect.

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