Home Health “Medical genetics laboratory in poor condition.” Exhibited in Procura- breaking latest news

“Medical genetics laboratory in poor condition.” Exhibited in Procura- breaking latest news

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“Medical genetics laboratory in poor condition.”  Exhibited in Procura- breaking latest news
from Simona Ciero

Flooding, detachment of false ceilings, foul-smelling fumes, release of irritating substances into the work environment: these are the reasons that prompted the association to file a complaint

Anaao Assomed (association of executive doctors) presented a exposed to the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Turin for the conditions in which the medical genetics laboratory of the Regina Margherita Children’s Hospital is reported of the City of Health and Science of Turin, which allegedly launched an investigation for negligent injuries against some employees belonging to the structure. Flooding, detachment of false ceilings, stagnation of foul-smelling fumes, introduction into the work environment of irritating substances from the air conditioning system: these are the precarious conditions that prompted the association to submit the report.

“One of the most striking episodes involved a leak from the ceiling that caused a short circuit in an electrical panel which, over the weekend, switched off the cell culture incubators, putting prenatal diagnoses at risk – explain from the regional secretariat of Anaao – the locals of the laboratories, which are part of the Regional Reference Center for Medical Genetics, have immediately demonstrated, since the inauguration in 2012, construction defects further aggravated by inadequate maintenance, especially concerning sewage and air conditioning systems and ventilation “. The association specifies that it has reported the situation several times to managers and corporate and control bodies in charge (health, safety and prevention directorates, occupational medicine, Spresal) without “the problems described were never definitively resolved”.

Dr. Franca Fagioli, head of the Child Pathology and Care Department “Regina Margherita” and head of Oncohematology in the same hospital, states that “unfortunately, like Regina, we have no power to intervene: we host the laboratory but the structure belongs to another department of Città della Salute and not directly to us”.

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July 29, 2022 (change July 30, 2022 | 10:27)

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