Home Health Medical specialization schools. It is an escape from the emergency room: 50% of the contracts were not awarded. The Anaao analysis

Medical specialization schools. It is an escape from the emergency room: 50% of the contracts were not awarded. The Anaao analysis

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Medical specialization schools.  It is an escape from the emergency room: 50% of the contracts were not awarded.  The Anaao analysis

Specialization school assignments 2022: 12% of total contracts and 50% of emergency contracts were not awarded. We need immediately a reform of specializations, the abolition of incompatibilities, the renewal of the CCNL employment contract of the Medical Management already expired even before being approved.

06 OTT

The approval rating of specialization schools in Emergency-Urgency (read First Aid) and in those disciplines that have proved fundamental in the Sars-Cov-2 pandemic, is in free fall.

The analysis conducted by Anaao Assomed reveals that 74% of the contracts in microbiology, 63% in Clinical Pathology, 54% in Community Medicine and primary care and above all 50% in primary care were not awarded in the recent specialization competition. emergency medicine and it is easy to predict that these percentages will increase in the next extraordinary brackets.

“These missed assignments – commented Pierino Di Silverio National Secretary Anaao Assomed e Giammaria Liuzzi National Manager Anaao Giovani – inevitably translate into the chronicity of the shortage of specialist doctors in emergency medicine and are the objective proof of the failure of the current training system of future specialists, subject to a decree of 23 years ago (Legislative Decree 368/99). They also demonstrate that it is not enough to increase training contracts to fill gaps in certain specialties in light of an employment contract for medical management that has already expired before it has even been renewed ”.

“In the current situation, the trainee doctor carries out his training in departments where the shortage of specialists is chronic and is obliged to compensate for these shortcomings by working, together with medical managers with one of the lowest salaries in Europe, alongside alongside colleagues hired through cooperatives who receive almost as much as their monthly salary every day ”.

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“Net of an urgent reform of the organization of emergencies that goes towards a real integration of territorial care with hospital care which, however, does not seem to interest but which instead has the characteristics of a real emergency, the professional solution instead is threefold: 1) globally reform the system of specializations towards job training in learning hospitals, immediately making the Calabria decree structural and expanding its application without constraints or baronial subordinates present today, 2) eliminating work incompatibilities; 3) to implement all the initiatives to protect colleagues from the ranks of lawyers specialized in disputes against doctors, or to rush decisively towards the decriminalization of the medical act ”.

“Without a contract that facilitates career progression, that makes salaries suitable for the size and complexity of the work and makes work in the ward safe, any reform would have been incomplete, especially in a reality like that of the ER, today the only point access to the hospital which increasingly has the appearance of a “bottleneck” rather than a hub for emergencies. With these countermeasures a virtuous circle would be created that would finally lead to the emergency rooms and hospitals repopulated by doctors hired by the National Health Service and not only by patients ”.

“The solution exists and we hope that the new government will have the courage and political will to globally reform a specialization system that urgently needs changes that are indispensable for the national health system and above all for an appropriate provision of health for the specialists of tomorrow” .

06 October 2022
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