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Medical Student Develops Mobile App for Recycling Association After International Mobility Experience in Colombia

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Medical Student Develops Mobile App for Recycling Association After International Mobility Experience in Colombia

Medical student from Coatzacoalcos-Minatitlán region develops mobile application for recycling association

Anahí Márquez González, a ninth semester student at the Faculty of Medicine of the Universidad Veracruzana (UV) in the Coatzacoalcos-Minatitlán region, recently completed a mobility stay at the International School of Social Innovation in Colombia. This initiative of the Tecnológico de Antioquia, the Metropolitan Technological Institute, the “Juan N. Corpas” University Foundation, and the Universidad de América Foundation focuses on addressing social needs through different themes each year. The 2023 version was centered around Sustainable Development Goals.

During her virtual training on business and marketing models, Márquez González won a one-week stay in Medellín. Alongside other students, she visited participating companies and presented a business model and proposed environmental solution. Her project, titled “Ecoware”, aimed to develop a mobile application to help organize an association dedicated to recycling in 14 subdivisions. It detailed a business design format and established the bases of the application to improve communication between the processing industry and the company’s subdivisions.

Márquez González highlighted the support she received from UV in making presentations during the verbal presentation of the project. She emphasized that the mobility allowed her to gain international experience and a broader vision of work reality across different countries and work areas. Despite facing challenges, she enjoyed the intercultural experience and the opportunity to learn about different cultures.

“The UV has given me multiple tools together; constantly making presentations was a great support during the verbal presentation of the project and made it easier for me,” she explained.

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Márquez González also highlighted the positive aspects of mobility, such as living with other students and sharing her achievement with loved ones. She recommended other students to carry out a mobility not only for professional growth but also for life skills and learning.

In addition to her academic achievements, Márquez González’s project was recognized for its participation in the International School of Social Innovation.

She encouraged other students to pursue similar opportunities abroad, emphasizing the importance of having initiative and a strong resume for international stays.

The mobility experience broadened Márquez González’s professional training and provided her with valuable international experience. Her project demonstrates a commitment to finding innovative solutions for environmental challenges and promoting sustainable development.

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