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Medicine and Dentistry Among Most Demanded Degrees on Huesca Campus

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Medicine and Dentistry Among Most Demanded Degrees on Huesca Campus

Title: High Demand for Medicine and Dentistry Degrees at University of Zaragoza

Subtitle: University of Zaragoza Releases Cut-Off Marks and Application Numbers for Undergraduate Programs

[Zaragoza, Spain] – The University of Zaragoza has announced the high demand for its undergraduate programs, with medicine emerging as the most sought-after degree on the Huesca Campus. Over 4,500 students have applied for the program, resulting in a cut-off mark of 13,080. Dentistry follows closely behind with 12,840 applications, while the joint program in Human Nutrition and Dietetics and Physical Activity and Sports Sciences received 12,682 applications. The university offers 45, 36, and 10 places, respectively, for these three degrees.

Vice Chancellor for Students and Employment, Ángela Alcalá, released these figures during a press conference. A total of 18,646 students received their admission application results on Wednesday. Alcalá also provided the cut-off marks for each of the 71 undergraduate programs offered by the University of Zaragoza.

In Zaragoza, the degrees with the highest cut-off marks are the Joint Physics-Mathematics Program (FisMat) with 13,657, followed by the Joint Mathematics and Computer Engineering program (MatInf) with 13,425, and Medicine with 13,148. The university offers 10, 10, and 200 places, respectively, for these programs. Other degrees that exceeded a cut-off grade of 11 are Biotechnology (12,618), Mathematics (12,549), Physics (12,450), Nursing (12,310), the Law/ADE joint program (12,261), Physiotherapy (11,927), Veterinary (11,911), Computer Engineering (11,735), Studies in Architecture (11,303), and Optics and Optometry (11,228).

Meanwhile, on the Teruel campus, Nursing is the most demanded degree with 12,140 applications, followed by the Joint Program in Computer Engineering and Business Administration and Management with 11,420 and Psychology with 11,000. The university offers 36, 10, and 85 places, respectively, for these programs in Teruel.

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The registration period for admitted students begins on July 13 and ends on July 18. Students can enroll online using the instructions provided in their admission letters. After the registration period, the university will initiate successive appeals to fill any remaining vacancies from the waiting list, which may lower the cut-off grades.

This year, the University of Zaragoza introduces a significant change in the operation of its waiting lists. Following appeals on August 28, September 4, and September 11, students who remain on the waiting lists must confirm their interest in continuing to participate in subsequent appeals.

Any remaining vacancies after the ordinary registration period and public calls will be filled by members of the corresponding waiting lists until October 17.

The University of Zaragoza continues to attract high numbers of applicants, reflecting its reputation for academic excellence and diverse range of programs.

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