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Medicine: Callerio (Testbusters), reprogramme accesses – Fisco & Lavoro

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Medicine: Callerio (Testbusters), reprogramme accesses – Fisco & Lavoro

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(ANSA) – ROME, JAN 16 – “We need a reprogramming of admissions to the Faculty of Medicine that takes into account the new job opportunities outside the National Health System”.

This was stated by Ludovico Callerio, Co-Founder and CEO of Testbusters, a company that has been involved in preparation for entrance tests since 2011 and the main Italian community of medical students. Callerio recalls that the Minister of University and Research Anna Maria Bernini has affirmed the Government’s willingness to define a new program for access to the Faculty of Medicine by the first quarter of 2023. An initiative, he underlines, to address the issue of mismatch in particular between a demand for professionals who is not matched and, on the other hand, an academic system with limited numbers that prevents over 40,000 boys and girls from accessing university courses in medicine every year.

“What we observe to an increasing extent – explains Callerio – is that once they graduate, new doctors can work in various fields outside the National Health System. The planning of access to medical faculties, at least in the last 10 years, has not sufficiently taking into account the changes taking place in this respect, the result of a rapidly changing professional context.According to our estimates, every year around 5-7% of students choose or at least experiment with other professional paths (freelance, as a medical advisor or other).To this we must add the issue of dropouts. If it is true that only 2% of enrolled students leave after the first year, it is also necessary to take into consideration the data of those who drop out in subsequent years and those outside the course, in order to be able to predict how many doctors will actually be able to enter the NHS, then adequately plan accesses The increase in the number of places available in these faculties, which we have already been seeing for some years, in order to be effective, must therefore carefully take into account the professional prospects of those who enroll in these courses today, which cannot be reduced solely to jobs within the NHS, and the real number of people who completes his studies every year. (HANDLE).

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