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Medicine. For access to the faculty, everything changes: from 2023 the “Tolc” arrive. Here is the Mur decree

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Medicine.  For access to the faculty, everything changes: from 2023 the “Tolc” arrive.  Here is the Mur decree

Via the access test on a single date. For 2023/2024 there will be two test sessions so-called “TOLC” (CISIA OnLine Test) which will be held in April and July 2023. Graduates and those enrolled in the last or penultimate year of high school will be able to participate. THE DECREE

28 SET

For the next academic year, 2023/2024, admission to the single-cycle master’s degree courses in medicine and surgery, dentistry and dental prosthesis and veterinary medicine will take place after passing the “TOLC” exam (Test OnLine CISIA ), which can be repeated several times.

In implementation of the resolution approved on February 15, 2022 by the VII Parliamentary Commission, in fact, the decree of the Minister of University and Research, Maria Cristina Messa, n. 1107 of 24 September 2022 regulates, among other things, the requirements for participation, the admission procedures and the various phases of the procedure, the structure of the TOLC test and the procedures for carrying out it.

In detail, those who are enrolled in the last or penultimate year of Italian or foreign secondary schools that allow the acquisition of a qualification suitable for access to university courses, or those who are in possession of a diploma, can participate in the TOLC .

The decree provides that, for each calendar year, there are 2 sessions for carrying out the TOLCs.

For 2023 the sessions are set for April and July, on the dates that will be subsequently established by November 2022.

For each session of the TOLCs, the administration of the tests will be carried out in presence at the location chosen by the candidate when registering for the test. The test can be taken in any location chosen by the candidate at the time of enrollment, even if different from that of the future enrollment. Candidates, however, from non-EU countries residing abroad are required to register and subsequently take the TOLC test at the office where they intend to submit an application for inclusion in the local merit ranking.

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In order to participate in the tests, candidates must register through the CISIA website www.cisiaonline.it within the terms and in compliance with the procedures that will be indicated, for each academic year, with a provision of the competent Directorate General of the MUR.

Registration for the TOLC test will allow the candidate to access the exercises, the MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) disciplinary for each subject contained in the TOLC test, the results of the tests taken also in comparison with the aggregate results obtained by the other participants in the the same period, which constitute a tool for evaluating one’s own positioning, to the material and initiatives in terms of orientation and access prepared by the universities.

In addition, regardless of the TOLC test registration request, free information and tools will be available on the site dedicated to scheduled access managed by the MUR (https://accessoprogrammato.miur.it/2022/), made available by the various universities. , as a support to orientation on entry and to improve the initial preparation of candidates.

Both for the TOLC-MED (access to medicine and surgery, dentistry and dental prostheses) and for the TOLC-VET (access to veterinary medicine) the tests will last 90 minutes during which candidates will have to answer 50 questions divided into 4 main ones sections: understanding of the text and knowledge acquired in studies, biology, chemistry and physics, mathematics and reasoning.

Once the test has been taken, the candidate must fill in, online through the Universitaly portal (www.universitaly.it), the application for inclusion in the merit ranking.

Finally, to form the national access rankings, the best score obtained among those obtained in the year 2023 for the academic year 2023/2024 is used, on the indication of the candidate, while for the 2024/2025 the best score obtained is used. in the year 2024 or earlier.

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September 28, 2022
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