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Medicine in Cosenza, Riccio asks for the resignation of the rector

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“It was December 28, 2020 when, in the city council, we presented a motion to ask the mayor to watch over the attempt to duplicate the medical faculty in Cosenza”. Thus began the note from the city councilor Eugenio Riccio about the debate on the faculty of medicine.

“And it was February 13, 2020 when we feared the risk that someone was taking advantage of the pandemic to bring the medical school to Cosenza. We repeated it in February 2021. We reiterated it by stigmatizing the work of the rector De Sarro in the circumstance of the approval of the company deed. And today it happened ”.

“The first step – writes Riccio – towards yet another mugging against the city has been completed. And it should not be said that, among various technicalities, the courses that will be activated in the context of the medical faculty, are within the university and that they take nothing away from Magna Graecia of Catanzaro. The dignity of fathers is already lost, we would have liked our children not to see this destruction. Sure there are fathers and fathers and sons and sons. And we will not be surprised to read, among the names of the teaching staff of the accredited courses, illustrious surnames of “children of …”. But this, in fact, has nothing to do with dignity. Or maybe yes. The dignity of the students who believed and believe in the University of Catanzaro is trampled on, that of the teachers who, with sacrifice and self-denial, did not give up for a moment and the dignity of a ruling, political and administrative class that bends to the particular interests of few. We are not sure how much responsibility the Magnificent Rector has, but we know that he has it, if only because this thing happened ”.

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“Well then, Mr. Rector, step aside. Get off the Aventine of Germaneto – urges the city councilor. with all its suitcases and let the culture free, the formation to flow without finding the obstacles created by the puppeteers who “keep a family”. Mr. Rector we also come to believe that you do not have a precise plan but that it is totally inadequate to stem the shady projects of others. Don’t hurt him, show some personal and academic pride and resign. Then take to the streets to fight with the students and teachers who have allowed you to now boast a title and a position that allows it, you are not honoring “.

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