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Medicine in mourning, famous doctor dies

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The city mourns the death of Giuseppina Nicoletti Giusti. Soroptimist members: “Doctor woman and great example of generosity”

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scriveva: "La scienza conduce a grandi conquiste, che, giustamente, colmano di gioia chi cerca la verità, ma, se approfondita, ci insegna che in altre fonti occorre cercare la verità ultima e trovare le risposte alle domande esistenziali sul senso della vita e sul mistero della morte”; e Giuseppina proprio in qualsiasi fonte dello scibile umano ha sempre cercato e condiviso le Sue risposte. Per questo noi, che abbiamo avuto la fortuna di conoscerla, non potremo che esserle sempre immensamente grati”.

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PISA — The city of the Tower mourns the disappearance of Giuseppina Nicoletti Giusti, doctor and student of the school of cardiology founded by Professor Gabriele Monasterio.

The esteemed doctor passed away on September 9th and Soroptimist Club of Pisa, of which Nicoletti was a partner, remembers her with these words: “Giuseppina Nicoletti Giusti had that charisma and generosity of spirit that characterize people of profound intellect and rare sensitivity. From when she had the faculty, starting from the earliest childhood, and until the final end of her earthly journey, she loved to devote herself to reading and studying any topic that could intrigue her in her daily present and whose genesis she was able to promptly find in the past and historical evolution. Long chats with her were always precious, because they knew how to soothe the anxieties of the present with the wisdom of the past. He had a very deep respect for family values ​​and traditions. He cultivated deep friendships, founded on equally deep emotional and elective affinities. She was a heroic example of a mother woman, who for a long time survived her beloved son Andrea, a doctor woman and wife of a high caliber academic clinician, who has always been able to assist and support, welcoming the multidisciplinary academic circle and sharing public events, travels and missions. abroad”.

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Giuseppina Nicoletti Giusti with her husband Costantino Giusti

“It is nice – continue the Soroptimist members – to remember when Giuseppina told of the years she lived in Lari during her childhood, of the times of the Galilei Classical Lyceum in Pisa, but above all of her training years as a doctor and clinical researcher. University of Pisa in 1955, she was a student of Curzio Massart, illustrious anatomist, but also painter and artist, of Giuseppe Moruzzi, internationally renowned neurophysiologist and Nobel laureate, as well as Cataldo Cassano, an illustrious medical clinician, and, after Gabriele Monastery, in turn director of the Pisan Medical Clinic, who was one of the founders of the Italian Society of Nephrology, the Italian Society of Nuclear Medicine and the Italian Society of Internal Medicine. Giuseppina saw the birth of the great Pisan school of Cardiology, which gave birth, among others, to Attilio Maseri, also recently deceased; she was part of that research group directed by Gabriele Monasterio, which laid the foundations for all modern semeiotics and cardiological diagnostics, both radiological and radioisotopic. She inherited from her great clinical masters that love for the truth of scientific data, that methodological rigor, but also that almost obsessive care for order and decorum, which no one has ever seen her ignore. And Giuseppina, until the last few months, always used to provide medical consultations with generous free of charge, always applying that rigorous method learned from the founders of the avant-garde Clinical Research and shared for many years with her husband Costantino Giusti, who was director of the Clinic for a long time. Medica of Pisa. But Giuseppina’s cultural dimension went far beyond the medical field. His house and library have always hosted eminent personalities and precious volumes of art, history, economics, literature, music, physics, theology. Your dear friend Giuseppe Bassani
“Science leads to great achievements, which, rightly, fill those who seek the truth with joy, but, if deepened, it teaches us that in other sources it is necessary to seek the ultimate truth and find the answers to existential questions about the meaning of life and the mystery of death”;
and Giuseppina has always sought and shared His answers in any source of human knowledge. For this, we, who have had the good fortune to know her, can only be immensely grateful to her “.

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