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“Medicine of Sansepolcro must not close, we have all mobilized to avoid it”

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“Medicine of Sansepolcro must not close, we have all mobilized to avoid it”

The Democratic Party of Sansepolcro applauds the ASL statement on the averted summer closure of the medical department of the Valtiberina Hospital due to lack of staff, as it seemed from the first alarms.
“A change of trend on which the whole local community has pushed and on which the local, provincial and regional Democratic Party – writes the Democratic Party in a note – has done its important part to safeguard services to citizens, in particular those
health, which must always be the first thought for those who manage public affairs and for the politicians who determine their choices.
We worked at all levels up to the region, to push for an adequate solution that would give continuity to the service and all together we succeeded, thanks go to the management of the ASL for having worked hard to find a technical solution and goes to ours political representatives in the region by the relational councilor, to the councilor Ceccarelli, who have directly invested in supporting the solution “.
Ceccarelli himself intervened on the matter: “It is unthinkable that in a small hospital, such as that of Sansepolcro, one could think of closing the medicine, even in an objectively difficult situation of lack of
doctors. Starting from this conviction, I am committed to finding a solution that allows us to maintain the operation of such a strategic department “.

“The company – continues Ceccarelli – is also working to seek collaborations with larger hospitals, if necessary also in other neighboring regions. I am confident, but I am committed to ensuring that the path taken
by the company leads to identify the solution of the problem “.
The words of Andrea Laurenzi Municipal Councilor Pd Sansepolcro go to thank all the local and regional councilors: “This news is really important. It does not solve all the problems, but it makes us breathe a good sigh of
relief. I would like to particularly thank the regional councilor Simone Bezzini with whom I have
entertained a personal and continuous relationship in these days, for the efforts made. In the city there was
great and justified concern. “

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