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Medicine Test 2022, what to know about the results of 23 September

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Medicine Test 2022, what to know about the results of 23 September

With the Medicine 2022 test now behind us the expectation is growing for all aspiring doctors that day 23 September 2022 will finally be able to view their proof.

But where will the proof be seen, when will the national ranking come out and how will it work? Let’s go and see it together.

What are the dates to keep an eye on?

Last 6 September throughout the national territory thousands of young people have tried to win a place in the medical school but, for the aspiring freshmen it is not over yet and, in particular, there are two dates to keep an eye on.

Meanwhile, there is that of September 23, 2022, the day in which everyone will be able to log in to their reserved area within the Universitaly portal to view their Medicine test. Then that of September 29, 2022 when the publication of the nominative national ranking will take place where the scores associated with the name and surname of the candidates will be made public.

How will the national ranking work?

Within the national ranking that will be published on 29 September, the situation of each candidate will be described by four entries:

  • assigned: the score made by the candidate is sufficient for enrollment in the University listed as first choice. In this case, the enrollment procedure must be completed within four working days, otherwise the job will be lost;
  • booked up: the score made by the candidate is sufficient for matriculation which, however, cannot come to the University selected as the first choice. In this case, you can also decide to wait for subsequent scrolling in order to aspire to a place in the other selected locations or to enroll;
  • waiting: it will not be possible to proceed with enrollment because the score is not sufficient to immediately win a place but with the scrolling something could free;
  • End places: here too what was said for the previous wording applies but the only difference is that in this case it is less likely to be able to get a place.
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Il October 7, 2022 then the Ministry of Education will publish the first scrolling of the ranking by releasing some places left empty by other candidates who have not proceeded with enrollment. To re-enter the scrolling, however, it is necessary to confirm the interest in the latter within the reserved area on Universitaly.

Paolo Di Falco

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