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Medicine test, double window: 13-22 April and 15-25 July

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Medicine test, double window: 13-22 April and 15-25 July

Participation requirements

For the tests, both for the Tolc-Med and for the Tolc-Vet, candidates will have a maximum of 90 minutes to solve the 50 questions provided. The questions will be distributed in four sections for each of which a pre-established time is foreseen: understanding of the text and knowledge acquired in studies, biology, chemistry and physics, mathematics and reasoning. Enrollment in the Tolc will also allow the candidate to access the MOOCs ( Massive open online courses), disciplinary exercises for each subject contained in the test.

Booking methods

Universities will have to allow the booking of the test starting at least from the thirtieth day (i.e. from 15 March 2023, ndr) prior to the beginning of the disbursement period, therefore. Reservations will be allowed up to the tenth day before the start of each disbursement period. The places available for admission to courses with limited access will be established with a subsequent decree of the Ministry of University and Research.

Fourth grade students are also admitted

Students enrolled in the last or penultimate year of Italian or foreign upper secondary schools that allow the acquisition of a qualification suitable for access to university courses can participate in the Tolc, as well as all those who already have a diploma in upper secondary school. Students who participate in the Tolc in 2023, as enrolled in the penultimate year of upper secondary schools, will be able to apply for inclusion in the ranking list only in the 2024-2025 academic year.

The additional information

On the website dedicated to restricted access (https://accessoprogrammato.miur.it/2022/) all students will be able to find free information and tools, made available by the various university locations, as support for orientation and to improve preparation initial selection tests.

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