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Medicines and Law 104, which cost zero: check the bulletin board

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Medicines and Law 104, which cost zero: check the bulletin board

The 104 also intervenes in case of purchase of specific medicines. But be careful, it is better to always check on the website of your region of belonging.

Access to medical care is part of the backbone of Law 104, the legislation designed to simplify the lives of people with social and economic disabilities.


The services in support of this category of people and their families are articulated both on the working and purely welfare front. The objective is to guarantee their social inclusion and, above all, to relieve the portfolios of these taxpayers from certain types of expenditure. Just think of the concessions put in place for the purchase of specific drugs or for specific treatments. As far as medicines are concerned, the support is quite important because it guarantees, in fact, an exemption for the purchase of some of them. The same goes for the health ticket, even if only in some specific circumstances. In general, Law 104 intervenes (also but not only) to amortize the heaviest expenses aimed at medical care.

Basically, in the face of the purchase of medicines aimed at treating the disease rather than maintaining a balance in terms of health, the legislation allows for an exemption to be obtained. In any case, in order not to make mistakes, the notice board of the Ministry of Health can be viewed which indicates at any time which are the exemptions in force from the health ticket and, at the same time, for all specialist services. Whoever holds a percentage of disability is in any case included by default in some specific concessions, depending on the severity of the case or the treatment assigned. The total exemption starts from 67% of ascertained and certified disability. And it will apply to all laboratory and specialist tests, as well as to instrumental diagnostic services.

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Law 104, exemption for medicines: which fall within the facility

Returning to drugs, the exemption cannot ignore the assessment of the applicant’s health conditions. In practice, it is not possible to recognize the benefit if the person submitting the request has not provided specific documentation certifying, unequivocally, both the pathology diagnosed and the treatment attributed. Attention also, because the list of medicines provided for free against an exemption it may vary from region to region. For this reason, it is always better to check in advance on the websites of the territorial administrations, in order to check that there are no inconsistencies with the national framework. In any case, most of the drugs essential for the treatment of chronic diseases linked to the condition of disability fall within the framework of Law 104.

Anyone who pays for such drugs will therefore have the opportunity to relieve their wallet through the National Health Service, who will take care of it. The website of your region of belonging will also clarify the last doubts. Unless you contact the local health authority, through which an application for exemption can be presented even if there is no Law 104 in support of the citizen.

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