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Meet the Mid-Autumn Festival, “World of Tanks”, challenge the “Mission of the Moon” and “World of Tanks Console” related to the legend of Hou Yi

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To welcome the Mid-Autumn Festival, Zhanyou.com announced that “World of Tanks” will launch a Mid-Autumn Festival event from September 16th to September 27th. Players will be able to challenge the “Missions of the Moon” related to specific events in the legend of Houyi.

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To welcome the Mid-Autumn Festival, Zhanyou.com’s “World of Tanks” announced today that it will launch a “Mid-Autumn Festival” special event from September 16th to September 27th. While reunion with family and friends and enjoying mooncakes, players are invited to challenge together Complete 9 “Missions of the Moon”, obtain moon cakes, and receive various rewards to improve combat efficiency!

This year’s “Mid-Autumn Festival” event will appear in the “Missions of the Moon” related to specific events in the legend of Houyi, players must meet various conditions in the battle to complete. There are new missions for players to challenge every day. Players who successfully complete will receive 8 mooncakes and a “Hare in Heraldry” pattern. Players who complete 9 missions of the month will get the dazzling “moon viewing” 2D style!

In addition, the game’s special currency “Mooncake” will also be launched in conjunction with the “Mid-Autumn Festival” event. Players will not be able to directly purchase mooncakes individually, but they can obtain them one by one by completing the missions of the month, or purchase special packages with mooncakes as free rewards in the premium store. However, if the player does not claim the moon cakes before September 27, the moon cakes will expire and the rewards will not be redeemed at that time.

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Personal progress can be carried out from September 16th to September 27th and will consist of 5 months of levels. Players only need to complete the mission of the month or purchase a special package to obtain mooncakes, and use the mooncakes to unlock the level. Players who successfully unlock the level can get a 100% proficiency general crew, with “repair” zero experience and enough experience to learn another skill or experience, “Chinese dragon” logo and “Dragon 3” pattern, “Chinese ceramics” “2D style, 1 day “World of Tanks” premium account, a garage parking space, various personal reserves and other precious in-game items as rewards!

In addition to personal progress, the “Mid-Autumn Festival” event has a story progress (September 16 to September 21). Within 5 days, players will unite to unlock all 5 chapters and reveal the entire story, and get extra moon cake. Players must collect a certain number of mooncakes by completing the mission of the month during a certain chapter period (24 hours), or obtain mooncakes in a special package in a premium store. Once you complete the chapter, you can get 3 mooncakes and move on to the next chapter. Once the player successfully completes all 5 stages of the story progress, they will be able to obtain a 5x experience bonus multiplier for the first win of the day that can be used in any vehicle from September 23 to September 26.

The “Mid-Autumn Festival” event will be officially launched on September 16, when a dedicated event website will be launched, which will contain all event-related information. Players can read the monthly mission rules in the website, use moon cakes to unlock the moon’s level in the special tab to advance their personal progress, and can also use moon cakes to exchange precious goodies here. There is also a story page. The content of the story will be announced one by one after all players join hands to advance to the chapters.

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This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival, “World of Tanks” invites players to participate in the “Mid-Autumn Festival” activities, like the legendary marksman Hou Yi, and get many rewards!


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