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Megan and NDG are eliminated from the first episode

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Megan and NDG are eliminated from the first episode

Friends of Maria De Filippi 2022/2023

During the first episode of Amici 22 on March 18, two of the students had to say goodbye to school forever: first Megan and then, in the finale, Nicolò De Girolamo.

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Friends of Maria De Filippi 2022/2023

Il evening of Friends 22 it started right away with some heavy knockouts. Before her that of Megan, who came out immediately after the first challenge, where she went to the ballot with Maddalena and Cricca. In the second challenge it was instead Federica’s turn, after the ballot with Mattia and Wax, to sit on the red chair waiting for the last candidate for the second elimination of the evening.

Megan first eliminated on the March 18 episode

The first heat saw the team captained by challenge each other Rudy Zerbi and Alessandra Celentano and the one led by Lorella Cucarini and Emanuel Lo. The first team prevailed and, as in previous editions, it was the winners who chose the three competitors destined for the elimination ballot. In contention to save themselves from a possible elimination there end up Maddalena, Cricca and Megan. The first is saved immediately, while Megan and Cricca go to gamble for permanence in the program. To have to leave the program is Megan.

NDG second eliminated

In the second heat instead Zerbi and Celentano challenged the team led by Arisa and Raimondo Todaro. Also in this case the historical judges prevailed, so Mattia, Federica and Wax ended up in the ballot for elimination. After the challenge, the last ones managed to save themselves, while Federica she is a candidate for the second elimination, for which she will have to wait for the third round which will decide the name of the second candidate for elimination. The third round then takes place, which once again sees the team of Cuccarini and Lo defeated against that of Zerbi and Celentano. Maddalena, Angelina and NDG end up in the ballot, but it is the latter who ends up in the final challenge with Federica for elimination. After the final challenge, the boys learn the definitive outcome from the house, which sees NDG (Nicolò De Girolamo) eliminated.

What happened in the March 18th episode

The first episode of Amici saw the team warm up the engines for this new evening edition. The absolute novelty was that of the three new jurors, Cristiano Malgioglio, Michele Bravi and Giuseppe Giofrè, with the first one who immediately made things clear by discussing with Alessandra Celentano at the end of the first heat. Among the significant moments also the discussion between Rudy Zerbi and Arisa for the gauntlet thrown by Zerbi and Celentano at Wax, rejected by the team of Arisa and Todaro and approved by the jury.

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