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Melissa Satta, Berrettini or not, goes back to the gym: here she is at work

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Melissa Satta, Berrettini or not, goes back to the gym: here she is at work

Sport is his passion and as soon as he can he goes back to the gym, for work and more…

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Melissa Satta always loves to keep fit. While it is at the center of gossip for the alleged history of her with Matthew Berrettini that is making fans of both dream, does not stop training. Even if she has to do it for work. When work and passion meet, everything works best. In his stories su Instagram Melissa Satta he recounted a day on a particular set, at a gym for a sponsor. Of course not even a shadow of Matteo Berrettini.

Satta-Berrettini, real couple or illusion?

The sportsman and the showgirl they’ve tried to keep everything under wraps, but once you’re caught seeing Olimpia Milano at the arena, next to each other, it’s a moment to arouse the public’s curiosity. So they were first seen in a club, always at close range. Then came the Firefighters at CHI who posted photos of the alleged night they spent together from Melissa Satta and Matteo Berrettini. The two are seen going up to her house together and Matteo, who lives in Montecarlo, would have taken a hotel not too far from Melissa.

on the set

Without thinking about Matteo Berrettini and what the future holds for her, Melissa Satta is back to work. In Instagram stories we see her getting ready for the set of a promotional video for a well-known brand inside a gym. Happy and smiling, Melissa Satta thus finds herself at go around in a world he loves like that of sports. Football was immediately her first passion, she played there as a girl. But she too skis, beach volleyball and she does not disdain long swims in the sea of ​​her Sardinia. She is a fearless woman and always ready to embark on new adventures.

Melissa Satta always in amazing shape

Over time he told how for his own workout routines, dedicate at least three days a week to sport. Half an hour of running preferably in the fresh air and then several exercises. At the gym she relies on her personal trainer and on the apps that allow her to always keep fit. As she loves to show on social media, Melissa Satta always keeps her nutrition under control with five meals a day, three main ones and two snacks, as nutritionists always recommend. And who knows if sooner or later he will end up cooking something for Matteo Berrettini toolike a good sportsman, he too is careful about what he eats without disdaining a few mistakes as soon as possible.

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