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Meloni: «Minimum wage? It is not a solution, whoever governed before impoverished Italians». Schlein: «You are incapable and approximate»

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Meloni: «Minimum wage?  It is not a solution, whoever governed before impoverished Italians».  Schlein: «You are incapable and approximate»

Schlein: you are incompetent, approximate and insensitive

“On the social level, your action is defined by three words: incapacity, approximation and insensitivity. But your propaganda is fading and you will be judged for what you do and not for the easy promises fed for years that have already been denied by his government ». Thus the secretary of the Democratic Party, Elly Schlein, concluded her reply to Giorgia Meloni in the premier time in the Chamber.

Meloni: whoever governed first impoverished Italians

«It is true, there is a problem, whoever has governed up to now has unfortunately made Italian workers poorer and this government must do what it can to reverse the trend. And already in the first months of the legislature, even with limited resources, we have given signs in this sense”. Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni said this at question time, answering a question from the secretary of the Democratic Party, Elly Schlein.

Meloni: the minimum wage is not a solution

“The minimum wage is not a solution.” So Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni replies to Pd secretary Elly Schlein during question time in the Chamber.

Schlein: It’s up to you to give answers

“Madam President, your answers do not satisfy us.” Thus Elly Schlein in the reply to Giorgia Meloni in the premier time in the Chamber. “The Democratic Party has tried to approve the minimum wage” and “I would like to remind you that now you are in government and I am in opposition, it is no longer the time to assign responsibilities to others, but to give answers”.

Schlein: You have been in office for 5 months but on the wrong track

“You’ve only been in office for 5 months, it’s true, but you’re going in the wrong direction. You are a right wing obsessed with immigration and you don’t see the migrations of young people who are forced, due to low wages, to seek fulfillment abroad». This was stated by the secretary of the Pd Elly Schlein in response to Prime Minister Meloni’s answer to her question on the minimum wage.

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Migrants, Meloni: the government does not bow to those who want a world without borders

“I reiterate that the government does not intend to bow to the many and powerful pressures of those who would like to impose the ideological vision of a world without national borders in the name of an indefinite right to migrate”. Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni said this during question time in the Chamber at Montecitorio.

Superbonus, Meloni: we had to correct the distortions

“Obviously the complexity of the situation requires in-depth analysis but I think it is necessary to start from emergencies such as some cases in which questionable regulations could have ended up favoring positional rents”. Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni said this, citing the superbonus and replying to a question by M5s on a solidarity contribution from the banking sector in relation to the increase in interest rates. “We are ready – he concluded – to adopt any measure required by the need to correct imbalances such as those generated by rules that freely allowed the distortions produced”.

Meloni, on nuclear power inspired by the principle of technological neutrality

“On the subject of the possible authorization of nuclear power plants, the government’s attitude remains pragmatic, inspired by the principle of technological neutrality, in any case we do not intend to undertake any action on this in the absence of a possible directive from Parliament”. Giorgia Meloni said it in the Chamber of Deputies in response to Angelo Bonelli’s question. The AVS deputy asked the prime minister what is “the government’s energy strategy to achieve the 2030 climate objectives set by the European Union and whether authorization for fission nuclear power plants is envisaged as part of this strategy”.

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Meloni: cars, no deindustrialization on the altar of decarbonization

“Italy shares the objectives of a double transition, ecological and digital, to deliver a model of intelligent and sustainable development to the new generations”, but the “transition must take place under the banner of gradualness and realism”, avoiding that the “altar of decarbonization leads us straight to deindustrialization”. Thus the premier Giorgia Meloni, in the Chamber of Deputies, answering a question time on the process of ecological transition in the automotive supply chain.

Meloni: Mes is an instrument of industrial policy

«Bonomi, president of Confindustria, historically a supporter of the Mes, says that if we believe that the new Mes regulation is not in the interest of the country and is not adequate to the challenges, it should be time to discuss how to use it as a policy tool European industrialist. The theme is that Europe will be able to face its challenges if it manages to create a system and project itself towards a common development policy, and Confindustria’s proposal is being seriously considered by the government». Thus the premier Giorgia Meloni in the Chamber answering the question of the deputy of the third pole Luigi Marattin on the Mes

Meloni: shipwreck in the Libyan Sar area

“The tragic event to which the interrogators refer took place in the SAR area under the responsibility of Libya and initially coordinated by the Libyan authorities, then Italy began the coordination at the express request of the Libyan authorities therefore: not only did it intervene but intervened in waters not within its jurisdiction”. Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni said this when replying in the Chamber to a question by +Europe.

Meloni, green houses directive risks damaging Italy

«As regards the issue of natural gas, the government considers it as an energy vector of the transition, that is, as a vector necessary to guarantee Italy greater autonomy and contribute to the realization of our strategic project of Italy as a European energy hub. I think that the great challenge must above all be to be pioneers in innovative technologies. For this reason, for example, interventions are already underway to support the production of biofuels through the chemical recycling of waste. Technology on which Italy is at the forefront, which guarantees an authentically circular approach. Obviously this does not prevent us from making critical assessments of Community legislative initiatives which, in our opinion, risk damaging our economic and social fabric if they are not appropriately reformulated. This is the case, for example, of the proposal for a directive on so-called green houses. A text that provides, for us, temporal objectives that are not achievable for Italy, whose real estate assets are placed in a very different context compared to the other EU member states for historical reasons, geographical conformation, as well as a practice of the house as a safe haven”. Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni said it at the question time in Montecitorio.

Meloni: our conscience is clear

«As long as there are departures on boats in very bad conditions and with bad weather conditions, there will be losses of life. We need to invest in legal routes, and that’s exactly the job the government is doing. Our conscience is clear, I hope that those who attack the government but don’t say a word about smugglers can say the same». Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni said so in the Chamber in response to the question of Riccardo Magi, secretary of +Europa on the sinking of a boat loaded with migrants off the Libyan coast.

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