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Meloni: ‘What emerges from the Perugia investigation is very serious’ – News

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Meloni: ‘What emerges from the Perugia investigation is very serious’ – News

The fact is “very serious”. The “regime” and “instigators” methods are the ones that now need to be identified to provide “much clarity”. He hadn’t talked about it until now but when he does, Giorgia Meloni goes down hard. Without compromise. Why these “ad personam dossiers to pass the news to De Benedetti’s newspapers” worry the centre-right quite a bit.

Not so much for the outcome of the elections in Abruzzo, about which everyone says they are “optimistic”, starting with the prime minister. As for what may still be behind the Perugia investigation which uncovered at least 800 unauthorized accesses to public databases to collect information on political figures but also on “normal citizens”. An “anti-democratic” issue, he also says Antonio Tajani.

A “shame that must not be repeated”, says Matteo Salvini, announcing complaints “in all the prosecutor’s offices in Italy”.

The leaders of the centre-right use almost the same words, as they gather on the stage in breaking latest news to launch the push for Marco Marsilio, seeking reconfirmation, after a day of (separate) electoral campaign commitments. Because the future of Abruzzo inevitably takes second place in front of the investigation papers for which Meloni thanks “Cantone and Melillo”, who will be heard by the Anti-Mafia commission, as per their own request. While Italia Viva also wants to call Federico Cafiero de Raho, former national anti-mafia prosecutor until February 2022, who today, however, is also an M5s deputy and vice president of the commission (already also in the sights of Forza Italia). The hearing of a member of the same commission “is unprecedented”, explains Raffaella Paita herself who announced the initiative, on which the president Chiara Colosimo will now have to express her opinion”.

Precisely the fact that the Perugia prosecutor and the national Anti-Mafia prosecutor have asked to be heard – especially by Copasir, where they will be heard on Thursday – has triggered alert among parliamentarians, especially the majority. On the fact that there could be much more, and much more “dangerous”, than what has emerged so far. The investigation is already raising more than one question. “Is there a director?” asks Tajani. “Someone paid, someone knew, someone took advantage of it”, urges Salvini, underlining that the illegal accesses were concentrated above all on the centre-right. While “the right to privacy, guaranteed by Article 15 of our Constitution, has now become a sort of metaphysical aspiration”, he observes the Minister of Justice Carlo Nordio, hoping for an intervention “from the legislator” also on wiretaps.

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For further information Agenzia ANSA Dossieraggio, the Democratic Party hypothesizes a war on the right, Schlein asks for clarity – News – Ansa.it The “illegitimate filing of hundreds of people”, with “800 illegitimate accesses” is of “unheard of severity”. (HANDLE)

But the centre-right, as does the president of the Fi Maurizio Gasparri, goes so far as to ask for an intervention “from the president of the CSM”, namely Sergio Mattarella, on a “disturbing” affair which he never mentions, which should “make his voice heard in this enormous scandal” as he has done “in recent days on issues of public order”. While Guido Crosetto underlines that he does not speak “out of respect for the investigation” (“the injured party does not speak – he underlines however – but the suspects speak”), not even the prime minister had intervened on the action carried out by the financier Pasquale Strianoat the center of the investigation.

But arriving in Teramo for the first electoral stage (alone before the three-way rally) alongside Marsilio, he points out that we certainly cannot talk about “freedom of the press” when faced with such use of “public databases”. And “very serious” he says in favor of microphones that “in Italy there are state officials who have spent their time violating the law by carrying out checks on citizens, ordinary and otherwise, as they please and then passing this information to the press, and in particular to some members of the press”.

From the stage – and in the rain – he will point the finger directly at “De Benedetti’s newspaper” (there are three journalists from Il Domani among those under investigation) on the very day in which Sergio Mattarella underlines the “indispensable” role of the press while recalling everyone to “own responsibilities”. The investigation, even more than the wake-up call that came two Sundays ago from the Sardinian vote, brings the center-right back together, convinced that the island’s slide will not be repeated. No “Sardinia effect”, the leaders on stage say they are certain (Salvini will be missing at the end, when everyone comes back to sing the Italian anthem). “In the meantime, let’s think about Abruzzo” but “I’ve already put on my helmet” says the prime minister in a hoarse voice, looking at the real event that will be the watershed, the next European elections. “Anything will happen”, concludes the prime minister, meanwhile hoping that Marsilio, who has already achieved “the feat” of being “the first governor of the Brothers of Italy”, will also become “the first in the history of Abruzzo to be confirmed for a second term.”

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