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Meluzzi’s omen ▷ “People are terrified of what they will try to impose on us in October”

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Meluzzi’s omen ▷ “People are terrified of what they will try to impose on us in October”

The pandemic and its aftermath have left deep traces on our mental health. As we all know, the last two years have been difficult, to say the least.
It is a two-year period that has forever changed the perception of our health and our rights, like a Pandora’s box that once opened irreversibly changed what is possible and what is unlikely.

Just think of everything we went through, in this period characterized by precariousness, in which we lived far from each other and without interpersonal confrontation; everything we went through in a period in which we swung like a pendulum between closures, DADs, vaccines… and just when the situation seemed to stabilize, a war. All of this has caused us a condition of psychological stress and discouragement.
In a study published in October 2021 in the scientific journal The Lancet it was estimated, following the lockdown closures, an increase of 28% of cases of the so-called “major” depressive disorder and of 26% of anxiety disorders worldwide.

Prof. Alessandro Meluzzi talked about this in the broadcast of “A special day”.

“There are different geographical areas of the crisis which correspond to different ages of life. One is that which reflects the distress of young people and adolescents who, once they received the vaccine, entered two types of seizures. One that has biological roots, with a fall in the immune defenses, with a worsening of the cardiological picture, with having seen threatening episodes of cardio-vascular conditions or experienced on one’s own and or seen in close people. One that concerns a general psychological aspect that is not the direct consequence of biological effects but is the consequence of a picture of experiences that have been stratified in two and a half years.

The world of the elderly is devastated there are vaccinated people who suffer from insomnia, they think they will die in their sleep and therefore do not fall asleep. Because they saw that it is a frequent eventuality in those situations “.

The problems of fertility

“There are dramatic fertility problems, there were already problems, but now you can’t find a living sperm even paying for it gold. The sperm banks (mostly in Spain) from which the frozen sperms arrive, have to draw on unvaccinated sperm donors, those of the vaccinated are totally ineffective. The age of reproduction is struck by a near-fatal torpedo.

Families broke out with the lockdown, with forced coexistence, with remote schooling, with smartworking. The rate of separations and family crises has grown exponentially.

Depression has grown enormously, addictions have grown enormously, alcoholism has grown. We are faced with a devastating psychiatric picture which is the exact consequence of the measures that have been taken and continue to be taken ”.

“What will happen in the autumn”

“Not to mention what seems to me the fall crisis syndrome, those who have come out alive from this chopper are in permanent phobic alarm because they keep wondering: what are they going to do in October? I believe we have to prepare the barricades.

The majority of the people are terrified by what awaits us, by what they will try to impose in October: between the war, between the failed vaccination campaigns, between the consequences that have been seen and the permanent and pounding announcements.

Guys, we need to make the barricades! Don’t think they can take us as farm chickens ”.

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