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Menstruation under the umbrella: the annoyances increase, but also the sexual desire

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The time of menstruation can coincide with that of the holidays becoming a reason for discomfort. In the pool or at the sea it can happen to feel swollen, to be more tired than usual and to give up a swim for a few days. The sun, high temperatures and water amplify the disturbances.

The most feared symptom: swelling

Getting into a costume not feeling physically at your best is the greatest reason for discomfort. Swelling is the most feared side effect (indicated by 66% of the interviewees), followed by cramps and nervousness (both 56%), back pain (54%), headache and migraine (49%). Among other things, the summer routine changes compared to hygienic protections: there is a decrease in the use of external sanitary pads (from 90% in the cold months to 75% in the hot ones), with a preference for internal ones (from 32% to 37 %). The choice of menstrual cups is stable, indicated by 10% of the interviewees as the preferred method, since it rises to 13% if we consider women between 18 and 34 years.

The discomfort of swimming

A common fear is of bleeding while wearing a bathing suit, even when entering the tub in the pool or at the sea. 44% of women feel uncomfortable swimming during their menstrual cycle, 28% give up altogether. 36% continue to do so because they use the cup. Most, 76% of respondents, are still afraid of bleeding while in the water.

Menstruation, a manual to talk about it with daughters

by Roberta Rossi

The heat affects menstrual pain

The heat of the summer months and increased sweating can lead to dehydration, weakness and fatigue. Likewise, blood loss due to menstruation, especially for those with heavy flow, can lead to similar symptoms and even anemia. Hydrating well then becomes essential. A perception confirmed by 64% of the interviewees who confirm how much the summer heat can affect menstrual symptoms. “Although the summer heat cannot alter hormone levels in the blood, it can actually affect symptoms caused by hormonal fluctuations during the menstrual cycle. This includes hot flashes, cramps and affects the quality of sleep,” explains the gynecologist. Manuela Farris.

The increase in sexual desire

In the summer months, when the days are longer and we expose ourselves more time to the sun, the amount of vitamin D increases. A hormone that affects the immune system and improves our mood. 48% of respondents report an increase in sexual libido. “It may be partly hormone mediated, but the reason may also be the increase in the time we spend socializing and exercising. Another source of the spike in libido could be the decrease in melatonin levels we experience in light. of the sun as melatonin can block sex hormones, “he explains Alessandra Bitelli, expert in woman empowering.


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