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MetalFX is Upscaling technology on the Mac platform

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MetalFX is Upscaling technology on the Mac platform

Apple / Capcom

The inability to play the latest AAA game masterpieces has always been a major shortcoming of iPad and MacOS systems. Now, with the M2 chip and MetalFX Upscaling technology, Apple-based tablets and laptops can also have the opportunity to play the latest masterpieces. MetalFX is conceptually the same as NVIDIA’s DLSS or AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution. After rendering the picture at a lower resolution, it uses AI intelligent amplification and anti-aliasing compensation to achieve high-resolution, high-frame rate games. screen.

Apple MetalFX


Resident Evil Village, GRID Legends and No Man’s Sky are three games that will be the first to use MetalFX technology, which Capcom says will be able to “Effortlessly” runs at 1080p on the MacBook Air; Mac Studio supports up to 4K. In addition to MetalFX, Apple has released an API that can quickly load game assets, similar to Microsoft’s DirectStorage technology. This allows game assets to be stored more directly into the processor, speeding up the loading of high-resolution textures.

Apple’s PCs have traditionally not been particularly focused on gaming performance (and still don’t support native Stadia and Xbox Cloud Gaming), and it remains to be seen how much adding MetalFX will help. One can only hope that the introduction of MetalFX will at least attract more game developers to develop games for the Mac platform.

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