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Metastatic breast cancer, 30% of patients are alive at 5 years – Medicine

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Today in Italy there are more than 37 thousand people with metastatic breast cancer, a figure that is constantly increasing thanks to the new therapies that allow, in many cases, to make the disease chronic. 30% of these patients (the cancer can affect even a small percentage of men) is now alive 5 years after diagnosis. A very important result, which can be improved by overcoming the obstacles still present in assistance. To underline this are the organizations ANDOS Onlus (National Association for Breast Operated Women), Europa Donna Italia, FAVO (Italian Federation of Voluntary Associations in Oncology) and IncontraDonna Onlus during an event at the Ministry of Health to present the National Cancer Day Breast metastatic, which is celebrated today, with the participation of the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza.

In particular, in all centers, associations are detected, dedicated paths must be applied to ensure homogeneity and continuity of services, multidisciplinary discussion must also be guaranteed of metastatic cases and all efforts must be made to encourage their enrollment in the studies in a short time. clinical and quick access to innovative therapies.

“The scenario of metastatic disease has changed in recent years thanks to the availability of drugs that are able to control it for a long time – explained Paolo Marchetti, Director of Medical Oncology B of the Policlinico Umberto I in Rome and Ordinary of Oncology at La Sapienza University – . And for some time we have been increasingly able to cure micrometastatic disease, thanks to post-operative adjuvant treatment “. Just to raise awareness among citizens, explained Bonifacino Adriana Bonifacino, President of IncontraDonna Onlus, “we are carrying out the campaign ‘I’m a Woman with #metastable Carcinoma’ which includes infographics, a strong social campaign, a cycle of three webinars with experts from the scientific community. and a questionnaire on the perception of the ‘metastatic’ theme “.

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