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Metroid-like Castlevania-style work “Dandara: Trials of Fear” officially landed on Apple Arcade

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Apple today announced that “Dandara: Trials of Fear”, which won the Game of the Year at the App Store Awards last year, officially landed on Apple Arcade after a year, bringing more exciting and smooth games. The official pointed out that players can not only fully experience the gameplay that subverts the traditional game mode, but also can explore the hidden realm of the game without being interfered by advertisements and in-app purchase mechanisms.

Officially, “Dandara: Trials of Fear+” is enough to arouse the curiosity of players by just looking at the game introduction “Metroidvania” (Metroidvania). This peculiar game category refers to the classic game “Metroid” and “Castlevania” (Castlevania) is a combination of platform and adventure games, and it won the 2020 App Store Game of the Year Awards to push this category to a new pinnacle.

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One year later, “Dandara: Trials of Fear+” officially landed on Apple Arcade. This original game from the Brazilian development team is based on the story of Dandara, a local 17th-century heroine who fought for the freedom and rights of slaves. . In the world of “Salt”, the unrestrained freedom that residents once enjoyed is now deprived, and the player will be transformed into a “Dang Dora” and hope that the dawn will stand up for the residents. The homonyms of the heroine’s name “Bounce/Dan” and “La/Pull” also preview the gameplay. Pull back, bounce, and jet in a slingshot-like manner. Fight enemies between levels and explore the reconciliation of Salt’s legend. Open secrets.

Subvert the tradition, but the aftertaste of the re-engraving is novel?

The screen and the characters present the re-engraved platform game with pixel particles, which are controlled by the built-in touch screen and controller at the same time. The left hand pulls back and aims, and the right hand controls the direction and landing point. It flips the player’s established cognition of gravity and direction, which is available in the game world. Anything possible. The passionate soundtrack will give players a strong sense of mission. Wanting to see Salt’s hidden realm and learn more about the storyline is no longer a problem in the Apple Arcade game platform without advertising interference.

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