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MI Robot Vacuum Mop P: the proof of the Xiaomi robot that cleans and washes the floor

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The history of home cleaning robots is now long: the first models date back to the dawn of the 2000s and in twenty years the performances and possibilities have improved a lot. One of the best, for the value for money, among those currently in circulation is the new MI Robot Vacuum Mop P from Xiaomi, where the P stands for Pro. It is not a top of the range but the low price makes it very interesting, given the characteristics of the machine and the above average quality of general cleanliness.

It takes some time to prepare the robot and set its options with the smartphone, but once this is done the device works without any difficulty. Once the box is opened we find the robot in our hands, with its now classic round shape, the 550ml dirt drawer conveniently already mounted inside, two side brushes (one to assemble and the other to spare), the “plate” that is hooked under the robot, to which a cloth is already attached that can be replaced by the other, and a second internal drawer, which, on the one hand, reduces the space for the dirt pulled up by the vacuum cleaner, by the the other offers the necessary space for the water needed to wash the floors. Not a real washing, mind you, but cleaning with a damp cloth, still very convenient. And then, of course, there is the charging base, compact and not particularly bulky.

The design, we have said, is classic, round and elegant, similar to the other robots of the genre and, of course, the other Xiaomi models. In the center there is a small raised area with the laser sensors necessary for the navigation of the robot in the house. The lid lifts to allow us to remove and clean the dust drawer and brush cleaning. In front is the cushioned bumper, as the robot hits every obstacle, and underneath is the main suction brush, made of rubber parts and bristles to improve cleaning, with a side brush that helps to push the dirt right underneath. the point of suction. Then the wheels, which make the robot move without difficulty and which force the machine even to overcome low obstacles, which the robot overcomes with a couple of attempts.

The analysis

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The initial configuration, as we said, requires a few minutes of effort, it is done through theXiaomi Home application with the smartphone, and once done we will have a complete control system on the mobile phone and, once the robot is in action and has done the complete mapping of the house, also a map that will allow you to divide the space into rooms to avoid errors of navigation. You can also set limits to the movement of the robot and choose where to use the wet cloth and where not.

There are four levels of power and cleaning of course you can set the operation only as a vacuum cleaner or even as a floor cleaner. For washing, three water flows are controlled, in the case of the use of the medium or strong it may be necessary to refill the water if the house is larger than average. And, if you want, you can also enable the voice, to make it more friendly.

We come to the key question: how does it clean? Well, very well, for a product of this level. There is better on the market, even from Xiaomi itself, but the value for money in this case is really very good, since it costs 399.99 euros in the list but is also at 270. The robot is not particularly noisy , especially at lower powers, cleans carefully even in the smallest spaces, the use of a damp cloth is functional, has a good autonomy and, after a first and longer reconnaissance of the house to map it completely, in an hour and a half manages to do a satisfactory cleaning of a house of about 100 meters at medium power.


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