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Microsoft announces that Xbox consoles will be imported into cloud games and will grow in the future-DIGITIMES 智慧应用

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Microsoft announced that it will introduce support for Xbox Cloud Gaming on Xbox One and Series X/S game consoles. A report predicts that by 2026, cloud games will account for 5% of the video game market, reaching US$13.5 billion.Agence France-Presse

Microsoft recently announced that it will introduce support for Xbox Cloud Gaming for Xbox One and Series X/S game consoles. It is estimated that 25 regional users will be opened initially, but the premise is that users must be registered members of Game Pass Ultimate.

According to The Verge, cloud games on the Xbox console may come with many applications. For example, you can try out the demo games on the Game Pass but do not need to download them completely; For human games, Xbox Cloud Game allows users to directly join the game through streaming. In addition, Xbox One users can also take the lead in experiencing a series of exclusive new games on Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Although the Microsoft Flight Simulator is not currently online, Microsoft said it will be added to the cloud game library as soon as early 2022.

According to the introduction, Xbox Cloud Gaming, formerly known as Project xCloud, was the first to log on to iOS and PC with an invited beta version in April, and then it was widely opened to all Game Pass Ultimate registered users in June.

Of course, Microsoft is not the first and will not be the last company to invest in cloud games. Currently, Sony’s PlayStation Now, NVIDIA GeForce Now, Google Stadia, etc. are all online, and even Apple (Apple) is likely to launch its own cloud games. .

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However, the current market is still not optimistic about the cloud gaming market, including challenges such as the 5G mobile network infrastructure is not yet complete, and the data center is still not dense enough, making cloud gaming not as smooth as on consoles or PCs; on the other hand, real players Most of them only focus on playing those few games, and don’t know how to play a bunch of so-called “mini games” on cloud games. In this way, it should be more worthwhile to buy game movies than to pay monthly.

Despite this, the game analysis agency DFC Intelligence report predicts that by 2026, cloud games will grow from only 1% of the current video game market to more than 5%, reaching around US$13.5 billion.

The report pointed out that game companies are using cloud games to enhance the latest game subscription services, and continue to promote the highly profitable and growing game-as-a-service (GaaS) model.

DFC analysis believes that cloud games should not only be a traditional high-end game distribution model, but can create more new forms of interactive entertainment and profitable games, and these game content and interactive entertainment can only be carried out through the cloud. The report pointed out that giants such as Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, and Google have evaluated the extension of cloud content interaction as a social network, entertainment and streaming service.

Cloud games and the aforementioned interactive streaming media entertainment are closely integrated with the current Metaverse concept, expanding products and services to markets other than video games. Therefore, these game or media players must also think about how to define new games and interactive content in the meta-universe concept, and what products and services should be provided to achieve profitability. This will drive the future development of interactive cloud streaming content and services.

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