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Microsoft confirms that Windows on ARM will not support M1 Mac

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In the past, the Intel processor version of the Mac can take into account the flexibility of the Windows system. This is one of the reasons why many people prefer to start with Apple desktop and laptop products without pain. Coming to the ARM-based Apple M1 Mac, at least it is initially confirmed that Boot Camp that can directly run Windows systems no longer exists; even through virtual machines, you can only use Windows on ARM specifically for this architecture, but after all It can be regarded as a driftwood for users who want to take into account dual system users. But recently Microsoft confirmed that Windows on ARM will not support M1 Mac news. It seems likely that it has brought some variables?

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Microsoft confirms that Windows on ARM will not support M1 Mac

Foreign media Register observed that the Parallels Desktop virtual machine application uses Windows on ARM for the M1 Mac. The recent Windows Insider build for the latest Dev Channel reported a lot of hardware compatibility errors. Although the Parallels development team quickly updated and patched, this problem seems to have been resolved.But it also aroused the curiosity of foreign media whether there is technicality in this Block The problem.

After they directly asked Microsoft’s support attitude for virtual machines, Microsoft directly responded that M1 Mac is not a support scenario for Windows 11 on ARM, and it’s an unsupported scenario. Running the OS directly. on the hardware isn’t supported, either.).

This answer is not surprising. After all, what Microsoft should take into account in terms of business cooperation is the perfect support of OEMs. At present, it seems that Apple and Microsoft have no relevant cooperation news, so foreign media Apple Insider also believes that Microsoft means that Windows on ARM will not officially support Apple M1 Mac. This statement also makes people worry about whether there will be issues related to the terms of use when Windows 11 on ARM is officially launched in the future, so that the solution of the virtual machine will be blocked.

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In short, if you really rely on Windows and love Mac. If you don’t want to wait until the problem is gradually clarified in the future. Seriously, starting with an Intel version of Mac should be the safest choice.

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