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Microsoft confirms the arrival of a new Xbox console at GDC 2023

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Microsoft confirms the arrival of a new Xbox console at GDC 2023


Xbox Series X will not be the last console produced by Microsoft. You probably all already took it for granted, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to receive confirmation from the Redmond house, albeit indirectly like the one offered during the recent Games Developers Conference 2023.

At the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco, where GDC 2023 took place, Microsoft set up a stand that traces the evolution of the Xbox consoles. A rigorously green neon serpentine accompanies the eye of the observer from console to console, up to the recent Xbox Series X, dated 2020, and to an unknown hardware marked by a nice question mark.

It’s not time for announcements yet, but the message is clear: Microsoft has confirmed it is working on another console, immediately giving way to full names. Xbox 720, Xbox Two, Xbox Series X Elite, Xbox Series X Pro, and so on and so forth. What could it be about? Thoughts immediately flew to Xbox Keystone, a cloud gaming device that Microsoft was developing until a few months ago before having second thoughts and setting it aside due to the high costs it would have entailed, both for the home and for the end user. The project isn’t completely dead, it’s just been restarted, so it’s not excluded that it could really reappear sooner or later to find a place on that shelf with the question mark.

Equally likely, given recent history, is an enhanced version of the Xbox Series X – what Xbox One X was for Xbox One, so to speak – but there are also those who fly low assuming a “slim” style restyling. Less likely, in our opinion, a whole new generation of consoles: between the pandemic, stock shortages and postponed games, the current one has had a very slow start and is still far from having expressed its full potential.

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