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Microsoft, new features coming to billions of frontline workers

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Microsoft has published a special edition of the Work Trend Index, Technology can help unlock a new future for frontline workers (Technology can help create a new future for frontline workers) and announced new capabilities within Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Viva, designed to help just this category of workers. In fact, there are over 2 billion frontline workers worldwide: 80% of the global workforce employed by 88% of companies. Increasingly, companies are investing in digital tools for this category of professionals with the aim of modernizing workflows, improving performance, culture and communication in the workplace. Against this backdrop, Microsoft has seen 400% growth in monthly use of its Teams collaboration and communication platform among frontline workers since March 2020. The Work Trend Index reveals some key evidence that has an impact on almost all segments of the workforce: the enhancement and care of talent is the new ” currency ” of frontline workers: 76% of professionals feel connected to others, but over 60% say their company should prioritize corporate culture and top-down communication. Furthermore, 51% of frontline workers in non-managerial positions do not feel valued as an employee.


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Frontline workers are at an inflection point in their career choices: in the context of the so-called “Great Reshuffle”, these professionals cite factors that would lead them to consider a change of job, better pay, better life balance private and professional and flexibility. Optimism for technology is high: 63% of frontline workers are enthusiastic about the job opportunities digital is creating and technology ranks third on the list of factors that workers think can help reduce stress on the work place. There is an opportunity to bridge the technology and training gap: 46% of frontline workers feel pressure to adapt to new technologies or fear losing their jobs – but 55% say they had to learn to use new technologies without formal training or practical exercises. To address these needs and help organizations that have first-line professionals in their workforce, Microsoft is introducing new joint offerings with industry partners, as well as features specifically designed to support this category on Teams and Viva, Microsoft’s platform for employee experience introduced in early 2021.

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