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Microsoft says [email protected] program has paid indie developers more than $2.5 billion

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Microsoft says ID@Xbox program has paid indie developers more than $2.5 billion

According to Chris Charla, senior director of Microsoft’s [email protected] project, since the announcement of the [email protected] independent game plan in 2013, more than $2.5 billion has been paid to independent developers, and independent developers have been paid royalties in the past 3 years. With total revenue almost doubling.

Microsoft says [email protected] program has paid indie developers more than $2.5 billion

Chris Charla said that in the past, he has assisted many independent developers in publishing content through the [email protected] independent game program, and has attracted more gamers to support the Xbox game platform. At present, he has accumulated more than 4,600 independent developers from 94 countries and regions. In the past 2 years, more than 1,000 independent developers have applied for registration.

In order to attract more independent developers to join the Xbox platform, Microsoft has also announced the launch of the [email protected] program, which makes it easier for independent developers to use the Microsoft Azure cloud service platform to create game content in a more flexible way, such as slightly The Azure Game Development Virtual Machine service announced earlier is one of the [email protected] projects.

In addition, Microsoft also revealed that the currently listed Game Pass series of services (including Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass) have paid hundreds of millions of dollars to developers and publishers, and continue to attract players to dig more through this series of services. The game is worth playing, which also includes numerous indie titles released through the [email protected] program.

The reasons for Microsoft’s investment in the [email protected] program include that independent game developers and developers usually do not have the “burden” of large game developers, so they can create more creative game content to attract players’ attention, but they often lack sufficient external publicity. , released game platforms, and [email protected] plans to cooperate with many independent developers and developers to achieve mutually beneficial results.

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