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Microsoft: Will bring LTSC version to Windows 11 | XFastest News

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Microsoft confirmed in AMA (Ask Me Anything: Ask me any questions) that Windows 11, like Windows 10, provides monthly security updates, optional cumulative updates, service stack updates and other services.

At the AMA, Microsoft also confirmed that it will develop an LTSC version of Windows 11, but the specific release time has not been determined.

LTSC (Long-Term Servicing Channel: Long-Term Support Version) is a special version of Windows Enterprise Edition, which focuses more on the long-term stable operation and compatibility of the operating system, and supports up to 5 years. To ensure stability, the LTSC version will only push security updates without adding new features.

Microsoft plans to launch the official version of Windows 11 in October this year, and it is expected to push all of them to supported devices next year. Windows 10 has also confirmed that it will stop supporting and updating in 2025. The LTSC version is not subject to this restriction and can still continue to receive updates.

According to Microsoft documents, “Windows as a service” covers Windows 10 and Windows 11, and updates will be released at least twice a month.

In short, the existing service model of Windows 10 is also applicable to Windows 11.

The second Tuesday of every month is Microsoft’s patch update day. These updates will include security and non-security updates. But if the security issue is more urgent, Microsoft may also issue security fixes in advance.


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