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Midnight Fight Express Review – Gamereactor – Midnight Fight Express

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Midnight Fight Express Review – Gamereactor – Midnight Fight Express

A few weeks ago, I published an article in which I looked at a bunch of games that were demoed at the summer Steam Next Fest. As part of this work, I first came across Midnight Fight Express, an action game with a John Wick-inspired aesthetic, one man versus one army. Needless to say, after about ten minutes of punching and kicking my way through wanted gangsters and thugs, I was hooked. Unfortunately, since this was a demo, my time on the game ended up being fleeting and fast. Jumping to the present, Midnight Fight Express is almost here, and in this case, I’ve had unrestricted access to the title and spent a fair amount of time fighting criminals.

Before I dive into the gameplay and mechanics, it’s worth giving a brief introduction to the storyline. Essentially, you play as a sleeping agent who is brought back, or rather, reawakened by a drone from their criminal life, with accompanying information that you must wait until sunrise to stop the crime The underworld takes over the city you call home. From here, you embark on a journey to single-handedly stop the move, and eventually travel around the city limits, defeating countless thugs and bosses along the way.

As I mentioned before, the core of this game is the John Wick vibe, I mean the gameplay requires you to use your advanced martial arts talents, firearms skills, and the ability to turn any object in the environment into a weapon to Chew the type of enemy that stands between you and your target – usually gang bosses. So, you have to use brawl-style moves to punch, block, parry, throw, shoot, slice, grapple and more to defeat the enemies you come across, all without doing much damage to As for yourself being eliminated.

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Midnight Fighter Express is played from an isometric camera perspective, which means you get a good view of each level. The actual combat and action is smooth and fluid, and it does make you feel like Baba Yaga, like a real badass. But it’s not without its flaws, as immobile camera angles often mean that certain walls and parts of the level can’t see behind, and you have to use a bit of intuition to survive in visually blurred areas. Still, the flow of battles works. You can go from blocking and attacking, to sliding to kick another enemy, to throwing propane cans at a group of attackers, then grab a shotgun and dispatch the rest. It’s a very fascinating system.

While I have a very positive view of combat, I’m reluctant to do so with the story, as this is conveyed through level descriptions and rare NPC meetings, aside from the occasional message from your drone companion. This makes it hard to follow the story in any sense, and in fact it turns Midnight Fighter Express into a game where you feel like an unconscious being that knows nothing but violence. As far as the action goes, it’s typically cool – but not at all impressive if you’re looking for a fuller experience.

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That’s a shame, because the gaming experience has some serious depth. Each level has challenges and points to beat (it depends on how fast you beat the level and how uniquely you do it), and almost every level (of which there are 40) adds new enemy types. Of course, the enemies aren’t all that different, but one level might introduce corrupt cops, while another adds a different gang to deal with. It forms a nice variety. While I don’t think a customization kit is particularly necessary, having the option to change the appearance of a character (be it skin color, clothing, tattoos, etc.) is a welcome touch that will only improve the overall gaming experience.

Overall, however, I found myself impressed with Midnight Fight Express.It’s not a perfect action game in any sense, but it does serve as a great example of how much fun it can be to beat their brawler type game, and if done in a similar fashion, we can have a quick A John Wick game of rhythm that lets playersrealFeels like Baba Yaga.

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