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Migraine in women, experts available at Treviglio hospital

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Migraine in women, experts available at Treviglio hospital

Open Day. On Tuesday 31 January, at the Poliambulatorio of the Treviglio Hospital, an information help desk managed by Neurology professionals.

Onda Foundation, National Observatory on women’s health and gender, on the day of January 31 involves the Bollini Rosa Hospitals to promote the first edition of the (H)-Open Day dedicated to migraine, offering free services to the population.

The Asst Bergamo West participate in the day with an info point that will be held Tuesday 31 January, from 2.30 to 4.30 pm at the Treviglio Outpatient Clinic (refreshment area); access is free for requests, clinical indications, advice. The doctors of the SC of Neurology will distribute an information brochure to the women present and will show them the most suitable diagnostic and treatment pathways.

What is migraine

Migraine is a chronic condition that affects approximately 12 percent of adults worldwide, with a three times higher prevalence in women. According to the World Health Organization, it represents the third most frequent disease in the world and the second most disabling, thus entailing a very high human, social and economic cost.

Despite the clear epidemiological data, migraine is still perceived by sufferers as “invisible”. The aim of this initiative is therefore to make the population aware of the importance of early recognition of symptoms, and therefore timely access to specific diagnostic and treatment pathways for a better quality of life for patients. For more information click here

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