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Migrants, the CDM in Cutro on Thursday. The Pope: “Renew the commitment to hospitality” – Politics

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Migrants, the CDM in Cutro on Thursday.  The Pope: “Renew the commitment to hospitality” – Politics

“The condolences translate into concrete, operational choices on the part of everyone, of Italy and of the European Union, because this is the real answer” to be given after the tragedy of the migrants in Cutro. Enough words now, the President of the Republic seems to be saying from the University of Basilicata where, with a few effective sentences, he asked for concreteness from the government and a sign of life for Europe. But not only that, Sergio Mattarella also clearly explained that if entire families leave their country “with pain” there are reasons.

A clear stance that does not leave the executive indifferent which, with a move, judged to be propaganda by the opposition, chooses to convene a Council of Ministers on the issue precisely in the premises of the municipality of Cutro. Greater acceptance for regular immigrants and open warfare against traffickers, the line to be addressed in the meeting.

Chigi explains that the entire government will be present and that a symbolic gesture is also being studied. But he also ensures that the CDM will launch concrete measures, and that it will only be the beginning of a journey. As Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani confirms, explaining that we must “promote regular immigration. We can bring – he guaranteed – tens of thousands of regular immigrants to Italy, trained in their countries, because our companies need them”.

Of course, everything is seasoned with constant pressure on Brussels so that the more than once proclaimed European solidarity is also transformed into concrete and well-financed actions. It is no coincidence that the European Commission has announced that the letter sent by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni on the need to act in concert with the EU on the migrant dossier is being examined carefully. And that an answer on how to speed up the controversial Migration Pact will soon arrive in Rome.

The EU Commission has also reiterated that in any case lives at sea must be saved and the head of state also seems to agree on this. From the University of Potenza he underlined how much the tragedy of Cutro “involved and moved” the Italians. Also because, he added, many Afghan refugees were also involved, that is, people fleeing one of the most obscurantist regimes on the planet.

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“Italy can no longer be left alone to face the phenomenon of illegal immigration – the Prime Minister wrote on social media in the evening -. We no longer want to find ourselves mourning tragedies like the one that occurred in Cutro: it is our duty, moral before that what a politician, to do everything to prevent similar misfortunes from happening again. For this reason, in Thursday’s Council of Ministers and in the next European Council, the Italian Government will continue its battle to stop human traffickers and deaths at sea”. .

“The Afghan refugees reminded us of what our country did two years ago, with the Taliban taking over power, to bring all the citizens who collaborated to Italy. No one was left, everyone was welcomed in Italy The scenes of citizens begging for a ride at Kabul airport come back to mind – argues President Mattarella – and make us understand why entire families are trying to leave their land to look for a future elsewhere”. The political game is played on this lesser or greater empathy and it seems clear that the prime minister, while denying internal disagreements with the ministers Salvini and Piantedosi, wants to take a path of greater attention and understanding on the issue. There is no doubt that there has been no flaw on the part of the executive in the management of the affair, even if some points need to be fully clarified, pending the investigation opened by the judiciary. And it is said that all these details are not explored with Salvini and Piantedosi.

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Meanwhile, there is the convocation of the CDM in Cutro: An attempt to grasp the profound thought of Mattarella who even today has tried to explain how sterile it is to think of enclosing the profound meaning of words such as freedom and rights in national enclosures: “the freedom is not effective if it is not the prerogative of everyone in a world that is increasingly a community. Freedom and rights are not divisible”.

Migrant shipwreck, in Cutro Via Crucis for the victims

The probative incident requested by the Prosecutor of Crotone to the investigating magistrate to crystallize the testimonies of the survivors could take place next week of the sinking of the boat loaded with migrants on 26 February in Steccato di Cutro and which caused 70 victims and an unspecified number of missing. In Prosecutor’s Office circles, it should be noted that these days are necessary to allow notification to all parties involved, including the families of the victims who could then sue for civil action.

The setting of the hearing by the investigating judge of Crotone has therefore not yet taken place. Then, from the notification of the investigating magistrate, at least two days must pass before the actual performance. Then all the surviving migrants will be heard, who at this moment, as a practice, are under investigation for a crime related to illegal immigration. A practice that normally ends with the acquittal. Six of them have already been heard by the police for summary information, in relation to the position and identification of the smugglers who have been arrested.

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The Prosecutor of Crotone assures: the reconstruction of communications is well advanced. “We are trying hard, we are at a good point in rebuilding the communications network that took place before the event,” Crotone prosecutor Giuseppe Capoccia told reporters, arriving at the courthouse. “As we have said from the very first moment – he maintained – we are acquiring all the elements connected to this story and what concerns the moments preceding the disaster. We are already at a point of a certain interest. We are collecting all the documents”. “Why was the boat left alone? Good question. The second file? No further statements,” he cut short. “There will be no communication from us until we have reached some points of certainty about what happened before the fact. Everything that comes out certainly doesn’t come out of our offices,” she stressed.

Shipwreck Cutro, the prosecutor: ‘Reconstruction of communications at a good point’

Meanwhile, the Public Prosecutor of Rome has opened, as a duty, an investigation file on the shipwreck of Cutro after a complaint presented by the parliamentarians Ilaria Cucchi, Angelo Bonelli and Nicola Fratoianni. The proceeding was classified according to model 45, i.e. without suspects and hypotheses of crime.

The complaint asked the Capitoline prosecutors to evaluate the ministerial responsibilities in relation to the rescue machine. Based on what has been learned, the magistrates of Piazzale Clodio will have to evaluate, after having studied the complaint, whether to send the file to their colleagues in the Crotone prosecutor’s office for territorial jurisdiction.

Che tempo che fa, Luciana Littizzetto’s letter to the migrants who were victims of the shipwreck

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