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Milan, traces of milk in vegan tiramisu / 20-year-old allergic girl died of anaphylactic shock

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Milan, traces of milk in vegan tiramisu / 20-year-old allergic girl died of anaphylactic shock

He wanted a tiramisu lactose-freebut the vegan one he was served had traces of milk. This is why a 20-year-old died at Milano. She had dined in a vegan restaurant in the center of the Lombard capital, in one of the busiest streets in the entertainment districts. He had chosen the vegan place to protect himself, due to his allergy to dairy products that he had since birth. At the end of the dinner, having arrived at dessert, the girl ordered and ate a piece of tiramisu, but shortly after she suddenly passed out.

According to what was reconstructed by Corriere della Seraan ambulance rushed to the scene and rushed to theSan Raffaele Hospital the girl. The doctors immediately realized that she had been hit by a violent anaphylactic shock, shortly after she went into a coma. For five days her conditions did not improve, despite the medical care, in fact in the night between Sunday 5 and Monday 6 February she died. The pm Luca Gaglio from the prosecutor of Milan opened an investigation against unknown persons for manslaughter and ordered an autopsy.


However, the picture relating to the cause of the 20-year-old’s death seems clear from the first investigations and analyses. In fact, the seven jars of were blocked (administrative detention). Tiramisu present in the Milanese venue, then the product was withdrawn from the market since Ministry of Health for the “risk of the presence of allergens», because it would contain proteins from latte not indicated on the label. «Consumers are invited not to consume the product and to return it to the point of sale for a refund», reads the website of the Ministry of Health placing the alert on the product (brand Tiramisu mask produced by Gli Srl in Assago) to those who are allergic to milk’s proteins. The product in question is called Tiramisun and had been purchased by the restaurant from another manufacturing company. The investigation is carried out by the Sempione police station. The analyzes on the products have been entrusted to the Nastri dei Carabinieri and to the Agency for the protection of health of Milan. It was precisely these tests that ascertained the presence of traces of dairy products in the tiramisu to which the girl was allergic.

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