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Milk and yogurt precious for health, with 3 servings a day – Food & Health

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Milk and yogurt are precious foods for maintaining good health at any age. It is recommended worldwide by the guidelines for healthy eating and the guidelines of our country, which recommend the consumption of 3 servings of milk / yogurt a day.

Unfortunately, however, this recommendation is often disregarded by Italians and daily consumption remains far from optimal. Assolatte, the Italian Dairy Association, remembers this.

The problem of low milk and yogurt consumption was dealt with by the Technical Committee on Nutritional Safety (TaSiN) which elaborated the “Decalogue for the correct consumption of milk & yogurt in daily nutrition”.

TaSiN, which includes experts from the Ministry of Health, CREA, scientific societies and the academic world, coordinates initiatives related to nutritional surveillance and guidance of the entire national network, also through the creation of position statements who express an agreed vision on topics considered sensitive and impacting on the population.

In a simple and immediate form, The Decalogue draws attention to the importance of consuming milk and yogurt at every age and every day, precious and unique foods for the richness and quality of their nutrients.

A useful in-depth study on the advantages related to the consumption of milk and yogurt is contained in the Scientific Rationale prepared by the Technical Committee itself, with a picture of the most recent scientific evidence on the consumption of milk and yogurt and the effects on health, and a focus on consumption and eating habits of Italians.

Accompanying the decalogue, the position spot that relaunches the message “Milk & Yogurt precious at all ages to start the day, but also as a snack”.

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