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“Minecraft” co-branded UNIQLO launches new costumes, “Forza: Horizon 5” Hot Wheels DLC debuts | T Kebang

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“Minecraft” co-branded UNIQLO launches new costumes, “Forza: Horizon 5” Hot Wheels DLC debuts | T Kebang

Following Microsoft’s Xbox & Bethesda game conference in June, after announcing 30 works worth looking forward to in the next 12 months, Microsoft’s Xbox games began to appear one after another during the summer vacation.

“Minecraft” and UNIQLO launch joint clothing again

Starting today, Minecraft players who prefer to play Java Edition or Bedrock Edition can own both versions at once with the newly released Minecraft: Java & Bedrock Edition for PC.

Players who already subscribe to PC Game Pass can also play for free with no additional purchases. In addition to exploring the abyss and mangrove swamps with frogs through the new version update “The Wild Update”, players can also enjoy the recently released joint DLCs, such as “Buzz Lightyear”, “Buzz Lightyear”. Icefield Adventures” and “Little Soldiers” series, together to dig more fun in “Minecraft”.

Not only is the game ushered in a wealth of updated content for players to explore and experience, Minecraft and UNIQLO once again jointly launched a series of UTs. In addition to the classic children’s wear UTs and light shorts, the whole series has also launched adult models suitable for men and women for the first time to meet different age groups. According to consumers’ wearing needs, it will be officially sold in UNIQLO’s physical stores and online stores across Taiwan from July 15th.

In this summer vacation, adults and children can wear popular classic characters such as Creeper and Steve in Minecraft, showing their passion for Minecraft in their daily lives. Xbox Taiwan and UNIQLO will also prepare limited co-branded costumes to interact with players on social platforms.


Hot Wheels, the first DLC for Forza Horizon 5

Since its launch in November 2021, “Forza Horizon 5” has accumulated more than 20 million players worldwide in half a year, becoming the fastest series to break this milestone, and occupying Game Pass Taiwan’s popular games every month The top 5 in the rankings, the high attention should not be underestimated.

With the expectation of many racing players, the game will usher in the first DLC “Hot Wheels” on July 20, Taiwan time. The “Hot Wheels” DLC not only has one of the fastest and most tortuous tracks in the series, allowing players to defy gravity and explore a new open world map on the classic orange track of up to 200 kilometers, but also provides a new 10 new cars.

Players can also create their own Hot Wheels adventure with more than 80 new and unique track parts through the in-game EventLab toolset, and openly share their creations with players around the world to explore together!

The Hot Wheels DLC is now open for pre-order, and players who own the Forza Horizon 5 Premium Edition, Expansions Bundle or Premium Add-ons Bundle will be able to download it at Get the DLC directly on July 20, and Game Pass members can enjoy additional discounts on all of the above plans.

Twilight is coming to XGP on July 20

The interactive story game “As Dusk Falls” created by the Xbox’s INTERIOR/NIGHT studio will be released simultaneously on Xbox Game Pass on July 20, Taiwan time.

Twilight is set in the 30-year entanglement of two families following a robbery in a small Arizona town in 1998. The creation of the game is inspired by well-known series such as “Breaking Bad”. The team is committed to creating an interactive game full of immersive experience for players who like to watch series and movies.

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The game can be played by up to 8 players at the same time, and can vote on mobile devices through the matching App, allowing all players to personally decide the final fate of the characters in the game and the direction of the storyline. When the game reaches the end, it will also reveal the values, personality traits and play styles behind the player’s choice, increasing the interactive experience between players and the game and between players.

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