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“Minecraft” he led an army of 100 ferocious blunt-mouthed newts to siege the end dragon | 4Gamers

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The most eye-catching new creature in “Minecraft” is the blunt newt (especially the blue one). In the real world, this cute little thing is called “the cutest predator”, so use them to form one The army marching into the end world should be something that the end world Long Chizao has to face. That’s right, the army.

The well-known overseas YouTuber GrayStillPlays had this idea recently. He really formed an army of up to 100 blunt-mouthed newts to eat and drink for the little guys and equipped with weapons. After a period of hacking and archery training. , Just rushed into hell and slammed into the final world, so that the final world dragon was shot to death by the blunt-mouthed newt.

Yes, team up with creatures and teach them to use weapons. This is not something the normal gameplay of “Minecraft” can do, but with the help of a versatile Mod, just let the blunt-mouthed axolotl obey and attack. possible.

Although this is not an experience that ordinary players will have, seeing a large number of brutal blunt-mouthed newts run over all the monsters bloodthirsally, this scene is still quite interesting, uncommon, and full of entertainment.


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