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Minister Gröhe on the 2016 federal budget

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In this year alone, the Federal Ministry of Health has introduced a large number of groundbreaking laws. These include the Second Care Strengthening Act, the Hospital Structure Act, the Care Strengthening Act, the Prevention Act and the Hospice and Palliative Care Act. Minister Hermann Gröhe spoke about the content again in his speech on the health budget.

At the same time, he addressed current challenges. With a view to the refugee situation, Gröhe referred, among other things, to the work of the authorities in the division of the Federal Ministry of Health. Gröhe also emphasized Germany’s important role in global health policy.

The federal government’s draft budget for 2016 provides for a health budget of 14.57 billion euros. This means that the BMG has around 2.5 billion euros more at its disposal than in the previous year. These additional funds go to the health fund.

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