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Minister Schillaci, commitment to greater personal health safety

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Minister Schillaci, commitment to greater personal health safety

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Press release no. 1
Release date 10 January 2023

Minister Schillaci, commitment to greater personal health safety

“Instances of physical and verbal assaults on doctors and nurses, such as those that occur with disconcerting frequency, are no longer permissible. All my solidarity and closeness goes to the healthcare personnel; the Ministry of Health will implement all the necessary initiatives to protect their safety”.

This is what the Minister of Health Orazio Schillaci declares, adding that “I immediately asked to make the monitoring and prevention activities of the National Observatory more efficient, provided for by law 113/2020 for the safety of operators of the health and social-health professions , just as I intend to make the National Committee for the guidance and evaluation of active policies operational again, which was stopped since last July, envisaged by the Consolidated Law on safety at work, the coordination of which is entrusted to the Minister of Health. Furthermore, the National Prevention Plan provides for a specific central action precisely in terms of protecting the health and safety of workers, with the aim of promoting and expanding protection in an integrated manner, an approach that represents a key point within the projects financed under the National Plan Complementary to the PNRR”.

The health sector is among the sectors most subject to the phenomenon of aggression and among nurses and doctors, women are the most affected.

“Safeguarding those who work in healthcare is essential to guarantee the safety of care and quality for patients. With this objective, we are committed to ensuring that all the tools available are used effectively to allow all operators and healthcare professionals to carry out their work in conditions of maximum protection”.

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