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«Minister Schillaci? He understands nothing about public health »- breaking latest news

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«Minister Schillaci?  He understands nothing about public health »- breaking latest news
from Elvira Serra

Senator Pd on his colleague: «A mistake to remove masks in hospitals. However he is a good radiologist ». And in “Agorà” the vice president of the Rampelli Chamber says that the government will not relieve doctors from the obligation to use the mask in the hospital and in the Rsa

Minister Schillaci? “No, I do not know him”. And what do you think of his work of him? “Look, I think people have to be judged by what they say and what they do. If the first moves are to remove the masks from hospitals, I take the liberty of saying: dear minister, you understand nothing about public health ». Word of the Senator of the Republic Andrea Crisanti, microbiologist of the University of Padua, about the health minister Orazio Schillaci, speaking with Andrea Lucatello and Imma Baccelliere at «The Breakfast Club», on Radio Capital. To the journalists who followed him, the full professor of Molecular Parasitology at Imperial College London underlined a second time: “He understands nothing about public health, because he is a good radiologist.” Today the obligation to wear protective equipment for doctors in hospitals and RSA expires. On Rai 3, however, ad Agorathe vice president of the Chamber Fabio Rampelli said he was “convinced that the government will not relieve the obligation to wear a medical mask and not even within the RSA”.

Fabio Rampelli, the vice-president of the Chamber, said in Agorà that “the government will not relieve the obligation to wear medical masks and not even within the RSA”.

«Yes, that is the orientation. And this rethinking does credit to the new minister who was able to change his mind after being overwhelmed by criticism. But I say: it took Mattarella to say that the pandemic is not defeated? If the President of the Republic is the last barrier, we are fresh ».

The fact remains that in 2019 Schillaci was appointed rector of the University of Rome Tor Vergata. Not really someone who doesn’t understand anything.

«Surely a person who has reached that position is able to manage very complex and complicated situations, so he has these skills. I hope it will be able to resist any requests of an ideological nature. In short, under the pressure of the majority ».

Have you already met the minister?

“No, it hasn’t happened yet. Maybe at the institutional level the opportunity will arise, sooner or later ».

And did you send him a message to congratulate him?

“No, I didn’t know him before, I don’t have the contacts.”

Do we still have to worry about the virus or not?

«We are in a situation of equilibrium thanks to vaccines, but we do not know the evolutionary capacity of the virus, to create variants capable of infecting the vaccinated. Variants have emerged that infect vaccinated very well, while causing mild illness. But we cannot predict what will happen ».

Do you suggest wearing the mask again, not only in hospitals and RSAs?

«I suggest to fragile people to use it again in all risk situations, where there are many people. But it is a good idea for everyone to continue to do so on public transport, in trains, on airplanes, even at the theater. It is important not to stigmatize those who wear it: they do it for their own safety and that of others ».

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