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Misano Adriatico, killed with a gym barbell, the killer confesses

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“I wanted to ask him to withdraw an old lawsuit. I waited for him at dawn, at 6 because I knew that every day he would come home at that time. I hid behind the door and hit him with a gym barbell ». The words spoken in front of the public prosecutor of Rimini Luigi Sgambati are of Zegarac Edi, 54 years old of Slovenian origin but with Italian citizenship confessed to the murder of Nicola Donadio, Hera employee, which took place in Misano Adriatico at the first light of dawn today, Wednesday 12 January. Both lived near the Casacce district of the small Romagna municipality in an area intended for the parking of caravans and containers granted by the municipal administration to people in economic difficulty. As suggested by the words of the killer, the two had had several disagreements in the past: Donadio had sued his killer for injuries and aggravated damage and the two, who had long ignored each other, would soon meet in court.

On the left Nicola Donadio, on the right Edi Zegarac, in the background the place of the murder

The stop and the arrest

No more than seven people live in the area where the crime was committed – five now – and it was the other tenants in the area who gave the early morning alarm and warned the Carabinieri. Once on the spot, the military found Donadio’s body inside the container where he lived with his head injured by the beating of the killer and no sign of attempted robbery or theft.. The killer was hiding in the bathroom. And here the Carabinieri found him too wounded after the fight with the victim. Zegarac Edi, unemployed, is a former worker on the Riviera for thirty years with a history of injuries and receiving stolen goods. Before the Carabinieri and his lawyer Massimiliano Orrù, he admitted that he had killed the fifty-year-old of Lucanian origin and is awaiting validation for his arrest. Donadio, the victim, leaves behind five children, a brother and a sister.

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