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Missed and waited next year! Logitech’s annual double 11 discount | XFastest News

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Missed and waited next year! Logitech’s annual double 11 discount

Many products PRO X Superlight pink limited color, POP Mouse, MX Keys mini will be released in Taiwan

Limited time offer from October 25th to November 14th, with a minimum of 55% off

Logitech double 11 carnival big coin sale minimum 55% off

Whether you are single and want to vent, or want to grab a discount to reward yourself, you have been waiting for a long time! Logitech today (25th) announced the launch of the “Double 11 Carnival” event, offering a wave of strong discounts and gifts. From October 25th to November 14th, a number of business and e-sports products will be enjoyed The discount is good, the price is crazy and sincere, the discount coupons are collected every day, and the highest discount is NT$1,111! At the same time, a number of new products were launched. Logitech G launched the world’s double-launch League of Legends Collector’s Edition co-branded series, PRO X Superlight pink limited color debut; leading the new generation trend Logitech POP MOUSE, and more sophisticated, smarter, more powerful, and cross-device Available MX Keys Mini smart wireless keyboard is newly listed; Blue Microphones full range of microphones have also joined the ranks of discounts. Not only that, Logitech is even more co-branded and exclusive, with a minimum of 55% off, which makes you excited to vague!

During the event, participate in the Slots event on the official website of the Logitech “Double 11 Carnival” event. The discount coupons can be used for cash withdrawal. The highest discount is NT$1,111. There are also Iphone 13 Pro, Roborock sweeping robot, Philip air fryer, etc. Smoked every day. In addition, Logitech recruits fans to gather energy and reach the designated threshold. POP KEYS, Blue Yeti nano and other popular annual products drop NT$1,111 for a limited time. After spending NT$7,777, you will receive an air purifier. The number is limited, while stocks last! Limited discounts and crazy gifts make consumers feel full of heart, hurry up and grab a wave!

Logitech G super kill discount, the world’s first PRO X Superlight pink limited color debut!

Born for exciting game competitions, Logitech G offers a number of aggressive discounts in this Double 11 discount, including the ultra-popular professional wireless gaming mouse G PRO Wireless under NT$2,990 (original price NT$4,990), top wireless gaming keyboard G913TKL Only NT$4,490 (original price NT$7,190), and the racing steering wheel group G29 will kill NT$8,990! In addition, at the same time that the global fans of the “League of Legends” World Championships, Logitech G responded to the expectations of e-sports fans by cooperating with the super-popular game “League of Legends” to launch the PRO series of co-branded products for the first time, even more “League of Legends” For the first time in history, it is the first time to fully authorize the role, the game IP visual heavyweight cooperation, and the high-spec e-sports equipment. It is definitely worth collecting when it meets the popular online game that has been popular in the world for 11 years.

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Another eye-catching global premiere of Logitech G is the launch of PRO X SUPERLIGHT, a new limited-edition color designed for victory that attracts the attention of global e-sports fans-the glamorous peach color is bright and eye-catching. It is designed for those who want to master the pleasure of the game or pursue individual aesthetics. And design, with PRO X SUPERLIGHT ultra-high specifications and extremely lightweight characteristics, only about 63 grams of weight, a new generation of HERO 25K sensor, equipped with LIGHTSPEED wireless technology 1 millisecond response rate, providing unparalleled accuracy, speed and consistency, every time Launch an immediate spike. Both performance and appearance, starting with dreamy colors, can become the focus of shining in a second, momo is only available in limited quantities, it is a pity to miss it!


Logitech G launches PRO X SUPERLIGHT pink limited color, with ultra-high specifications and extremely lightweight characteristics, charming pink is bright and eye-catching

In addition, the official Logitech G flagship store invites well-known artist Huang Haoping, well-known million-dollar YouTuber Joeman, Liu Tan, Leila and Xu Haili on the official Logitech G website at 8pm on November 4th and November 10th. The Double 11 event page gathers for the premiere. Watching the premiere will give you a chance to start an amazing good fortune and receive a limited discount code. Want a crazy surprise? Go online on time to watch the premiere, super goodies are waiting for you!


Famous celebrities Huang Haoping, Million YouTuber Joeman, Liu Tan, Leila and Xu Haili gathered for the premiere on the Logitech G official website and the Double 11 event page at 8pm on November 4th and November 10th

Logitech high-end keyboard and mouse set is as low as 55 fold, the most fashionable mouse POP MOUSE, and the smart smart MX Keys mini are newly launchedThe long-awaited Logitech business keyboard and mouse discount is finally here! From MX high-end business Anywhere 2S wireless mouse discount of NT$1,111 (original price NT$2,390), MX Master 3 wireless mouse breaks down to $2,990 (original price NT$3,990), the keyboard part has MX KEYS high-end wireless smart keyboard with a hand rest combination Killed $3,590 (original price NT$4,589); In addition, the ergonomics recommended by millions of knowledgeable Youtubers-Lao Gao-ERGO K860 ergonomic keyboard also broke NT$2,990 (original price NT$3,990), I want to upgrade my work and living space , Please hurry up to take advantage of this exciting wave of savings, and buy a variety of Logitech high-performance office tools, let your innovation life UP, work efficiency UP!


Logitech business mouse and keyboard kills a minimum of 55% off, including MX KEYS high-end wireless smart keyboard and MX Master 3 wireless mouse

Specifically for creative and mobile office consumers, the Logitech MX high-end business series launches a new compact smart keyboard MX Keys Mini. Compared with the flagship series of MX Keys, the digital area is omitted, reducing the user’s arm movement range and reducing the burden when operating the mouse. Closer to the center of the body, it is more suitable for work users who focus on light and mobile office. The minimalist design of MX Keys Mini comes in two colors: Pearl White and Graphite Gray. The suggested price is NT$3,990. It will be sold exclusively in Logitech’s official flagship store from November 1st to November 14th. If you want to experience the new products first now!


Logitech Double Eleven launches a new lightweight series MX Keys Mini, which is more compact, smarter and more powerful, suitable for users who have limited working space or focus on being light and easy to carry

Awaited! Following the super-popular POP KEYS wireless mechanical keyboard, Logitech pioneered the customized EMOJI keycap function. After the launch, it received rave reviews. Logitech launched the POP MOUSE wireless Bluetooth mouse and key-mouse combination on Double Eleven! Inherit the POP KEYS classic fantasy purple, charm peach and cool yellow three colorful trend colors, you can choose the keyboard and mouse combination according to your personal style, and you can also enjoy limited discounts when you purchase the combination during the Double 11 event. From November 1 to November 3 and from November 7 to November 14 in momo and Shopee to purchase the limited combination POP KEYS, POP MOUSE plus a mouse pad, the exclusive discount is only NT$3,711 (original price NT$3,879) ; On the day of November 1st to November 3rd and November 11th, the official Logitech flagship store will launch a limited combination of POP KEYS and POP MOUSE plus a textured table mat. The discount is only NT$3,711 (original price NT$4,179). If you want to show your personal work The trendy attitude of the space, take advantage of the POP keyboard and mouse series to be the first to start!


Logitech POP KEYS + POP MOUSE keyboard and mouse combination, left to right: cool play yellow, dream purple, charm peach

Blue Microphones offers ultra-limited discounts, plus more than one thousand yuan in multiple draws

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Blue Microphones, the world’s top microphone brand under Logitech, also offered super sincere discounts during the Double 11 frenzy! Starting from November 1st, the classic Snowball series Snowball has a 73% discount for NT$2,190 (original price NT$2,990), and Snowball iCE has a 61% discount for NT$1,390 (original price NT$2,290). From now on, the Yeti Snow Monster tri-color limited time limit is 5% off NT$5,290 (original price NT$5,590), and the essential artifact for content creation Logitech Stream Cam live camera is also reduced by 58% for only NT$3,490 (original price NT$5,990)!

What’s more surprising is that starting from October 2021, Logitech G-HUB software has been fully upgraded, and the studio-level sound effect Blue VO!CE will be fully upgraded to Advanced Blue VO!CE. Free support for Yeti series products. Buy hardware and get easy to use. Of professionally equipped software. Creators can make real-time voice adjustments including noise reduction, mixing and adding various vocal effects, which not only enhances the professionalism of live broadcast, but also expresses a variety of ways to entertain the audience.

Blue Microphones also launched the PRO XLR series of professional studio-grade microphones this year. The three models not only have different timbre personalities, but the appearance of PRO XLR products is also very design, which can be called the # best-looking XLR professional microphone on the market. No matter whether it is a plug-and-play USB microphone or an advanced high-value PRO XLR microphone, Blue Microphones can meet the needs of various users. The following offers Blue Double 11 top discounts to give back to the lazy bag, don’t miss it!

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● Purchase any product of Blue Microphones series on PChome platform, you can enjoy 5% reward of P coins for unlimited payment, and it will automatically help you to add the Logitech POP series of keyboard and mouse sets (worth $3,680). (The feedback and lottery period is from now until November 14)

● Purchase the full range of Blue Microphones products on the momo platform to enjoy unlimited momo credit card 5% rebate (the rebate period is from now until November 14)

● All-channel feedback: Regardless of online and offline channels, as long as you purchase the full range of Blue Microphones products, upload a screenshot of the invoice to the Blue Channel website, you can participate in the lucky draw: multiple awards such as genuine microphones and brand-only gifts are waiting for you! (The lottery registration period is from now until November 30)


Blue Microphones are loved by professionals. The game’s live broadcaster, music producer Ahuo, and professional sound engineer Johnny Qisheng platform double 11 top event discounts

Logitech Double 11 Super Discounts are now available until November 14th, and will be fully available across the entire Taiwan network and physical channels such as Logitech official flagship stores, PChome, momo, Shopee, Yahoo, Tsann Kuen, Shunfa, Mitsui, Liangxing, and Yuanjiao. Kill.

For details of related activities, please contact the following official website to view

1. Logitech “Double 11 Carnival” official website: https://2021D11.logitech.tw/
2. Logitech official flagship store: https://store.logitech.tw
3. Logitech Official Flagship Pavilion: https://shopee.tw/logitech_official_shop
4. The official flagship store of Logitech G: https://shopee.tw/logitechg.store
5. Blue Microphones PChome activity page link: https://www.pchomeec.tw/activity/AC35740946
6. Blue Microphones channel website link: https://lp.logitechclub.com/blue-tw/
7. Momo event page link: https://www.momoshop.com.tw/category/LgrpCategory.jsp?l_code=2120800000

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