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Mobile Science: Bringing Microbiology to Schools

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Mobile Science: Bringing Microbiology to Schools

The Mobile Science project, led by Dr. Vívian D’Afonseca, brought the world of microbiology to the Andes School in Talca, offering real scientific experiences to basic schoolchildren. This initiative, developed by students from the Faculty of Medicine at the Catholic University of Maule (UCM), aimed to promote the dissemination of science and bring practical knowledge to the school environment.

The project involved students from various disciplines including Biotechnology Engineering, Chemistry and Pharmacy, and Medicine, who engaged with fifth to eighth-grade students in talks and practical workshops. More than 100 schoolchildren participated in the informative talks, with around 30 attending practical workshops in university laboratories.

The university students’ involvement in the project was highly valued, as they also served as judges in the Andes School Science Fair, evaluating various projects. Dr. D’Afonseca highlighted the importance of bringing in-depth and specialized scientific knowledge to the community, contributing to a more complete educational training.

The students who participated in the project expressed their enthusiasm and satisfaction in sharing their knowledge with the younger students. They found the experience to be enriching and motivating, enhancing their professional and teaching skills. The Technology professor at the Andes School, Alex Antonio Venegas Valdés, also praised the initiative, emphasizing the positive impact it had on the students and their parents.

Overall, the Mobile Science initiative was a resounding success, fostering a passion for science and education among the schoolchildren and university students involved.

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