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Mobile telephony, the guide to summer discounts

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Mobile telephony, the guide to summer discounts

Lots of low-cost GBs to surf, even in 5G, from the holiday home and watch their own TV series in streaming from there too. Smartphones sold in installments at discounted prices.

They are the two main characteristics of summer promotions that mobile operators offer this year. They have announced them in dribs and drabs in recent days, addressing both old and new customers.

The opportunities to save in this period are real. However, it is necessary to carefully analyze the various offers to understand which ones are really convenient, compared to your needs, and to avoid unexpected costs.

The analysis

Are the unlimited minutes that our operator offers us really unlimited?

by Giuditta Mosca


Perhaps the most particular offers this summer are from Vodafone. From 27 June, exclusively in all Vodafone Stores in Italy, they arrive i Ray-Ban Stories, gli smart glasses latest generation born from the collaboration between EssilorLuxottica and Meta (formerly Facebook), which allow you to capture photos and videos, listen to music, receive calls and share content on social networks.

Vodafone customers will be able to purchase smart glasses – Wayfarer black model with green G-15 lens – at 11.99 euros per month for 24 months (with an initial contribution of 29.99 euros).

Vodafone then, like the other operators, is attentive to those who want to navigate on the go, in a comfortable way, even in summer destinations. So here is “WiFi Rechargeable”: provides 300 GB per month for three months at 49.99 euros. At the end of this period it is possible to activate an offer with 300 GB per month for 27.99 euros, only in the months in which it is needed.

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Vodafone then looks above all to young people, “at the center of Vodafone’s special offers”, says a note from the operator. For those under 25 there is an offer with 100 GB per month for € 9.99 and which includes Safe Network and Vodafone Club. A Vodafone novelty which gives discounts for different products and services every month. Under-16s can have the same offer for € 6.99 per month, combined with a fixed network. The operator also pushes to sell fixed and mobile services together. To those who are already Vodafone fixed network customers, it dedicates a new offer that includes in a single Family + package and a smartphone of your choice between different models for 14.99 euros per month.


The future of 5G according to Verizon Business is in private networks

by Antonio Dini

Wind 3

The goal of merging different services – to improve its income statement – is also in Wind 3. For fixed network customers who want a connection even on vacation, Super Internet Second Home is dedicating. Unlimited surfing and “Super Internet Wi-Fi” included at 15.99 euros per month. Furthermore, with the Super Fibra offers, it is possible to activate the Unlimited 5G Easy Pay mobile offer with 200 sms, minutes and unlimited Giga in Limited Edition for € 9.99 per month.

For those who only want the mobile there is the Summer Card 2022 data, lasting three months, starting from 19.99 euros and with 150 Giga.

Wind 3 also offers smartphone this summer at discounted prices. “More Full 5G Easy Pay”, in the Summer Edition version, now has 150 Giga in 5G and numerous models to choose from. The top of the range Samsung Galaxy S22 128GB is available now at the discounted price of 14.99 euros more per month with the Smart Pack Protect 5G offer which includes, in addition to 200 Giga and unlimited minutes, also theft protection.

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How the internet works (and how much it costs) on the plane

by Giuditta Mosca


For the summer Tim instead in addition to discount some smartphones – included in its offers – allows you to pay it in installments starting from September. The idea suggested by the operator is that we can have it immediately and then think about the cost only after the holidays.

Tim also thinks about those who want to surf on the go on vacation and has launched offers of 100 and 200 GB (data only) at 9.99 and 14.99 euros per month. After three months they renew at the same price but with half a GB. Who has a fixed network TIm it can also activate SuperGiga Famiglia for 5.99 euros per month for 5 GB or 19.99 euros per month for 300 GB. Here too there is the intention of selling several different services to the same user, in a phase in which operators have great difficulty in marginalizing enough.


Finally the last operator arrived, that is characterized by low prices and simplicity: € 7.99 per month for Flash 100, with 100 GB. However, it can only be activated by June 30th. And it doesn’t have 5G.

How to find your way around the offers

How to decide between these promotions? First, it may be useful to evaluate the mobile offers of your fixed network operator, for any special conditions. Another caveat is to evaluate the quality of the mobile network of an operator in the place where we intend to go. If we have always enjoyed the connection offered by an operator in the holiday home, changing now can be a risk.

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We are also careful of hidden costs. Some offers have activation charges. Or they trigger costs after a certain number of months. Or when the GB included is exceeded. To be seen then if they only include 4G navigation or even 5G and if the operator actually covers us with the new network. We read well the notes and details of the offers, on the websites of the operators, while for coverage the only reliable verification is in the field.

Finally, not all smartphone discounts are really such. We compare the operator’s prices with those on online stores, which by now also tend to allow payment in installments without interest; advantage that we previously had only with the offers of mobile operators.

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