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Moderate drinkers live longer than abstainers (think people, think…)

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Moderate drinkers live longer than abstainers (think people, think…)

Dear Director,
I read the important journalistic report published on January 24, 2023 by “Avvenire” (“A glass of wine? Healthy”). As a physician and epidemiologist who has studied the relationship between wine and other spirits and health for more than four decades, I have been appalled by a number of recent cases where highly biased data has been used to suggest that alcohol consumption is harmful to health. health at any dose. Since the 1970s, all the large and well-respected group studies have essentially shown that, compared to abstainers, people who have no more than one or two drinks (mostly wine) with meals each day (so, obviously, not binge drinking, prone to boozing drinkers) have a significantly lower risk not only for heart disease and diabetes (two major health problems worldwide), but also for total mortality. In other words, moderate drinkers live longer than abstainers. Our International Scientific Forum on Alcohol Research ( www.alcoholresearchforum. org) has collected monitored and commented scientific publications on alcohol and health since 2010. Well, there are no rigorous, well done and impartial publications that support the argument of some that alcohol is in any case harmful to health. Instead, we should focus our recommendations on alcohol to discourage its excessive or inappropriate use, as unfortunately the immoderate and rapid consumption on an empty stomach is now frequent among young people. But we must not scare, at the same time, the majority of “drinkers” who drink a glass or two of wine during dinner. Wine with food is an important component of the “Mediterranean diet”, which research continues to show is the healthiest diet we can recommend for the population. Thanks and best regards.

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R. Curtis Ellison, MD professor emeritus Boston University School of Medicine, co-scientific director, International Scientific Forum on Alcohol Research

Heartfelt thanks to you, kind and dear Professor Ellison. With your calm authority, you confirm my belief that solid and transparent medicine and equally solid and clear information can help legislators and political decision-makers study and envisage weighted and wise rules. This in many respects, and also with regard to the (sober and moderate) consumption of alcohol and especially wine, a food that is not only an integral part of the precious “Mediterranean diet”, but is also the cornerstone of the great “civilization of bread and wine” . While I was reading, before their publication, the articles of the good colleagues Lucia Bellaspiga and Vito Salinaro, and then the letter from you, kind professor, the slogan of an old advertisement came to my mind dedicated to another alcoholic drink which, inviting to well-founded, reasoned and clear decisions, sounded like this: «Meditate people, meditate…». I reciprocate your cordial greeting

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