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Mogol: “Good food, nature and music. Here is my ‘therapy’ for healthy aging”

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Mogol: “Good food, nature and music. Here is my ‘therapy’ for healthy aging”

Five hundred tips to stay healthy: word of Giulio Rapetti, in art Mogul. But this is not the title of one of the many songs he composed and which made millions of people dream. It is rather the theme of the book that he is writing because at 86 years old, Mogol cares more than ever about his health, a condition that passes above all through what we eat. The artist told it in recent days when speaking at the presentation of the magazine Nutrition and care‘, directed by Antonio Gasbarrinifull professor of Internal Medicine at the Catholic University, A. Gemelli Irccs University Hospital Foundation in Rome which collects validated and authoritative studies on the subject of nutrition.

I study

Compared to 30 years ago we eat more, but not better

by Simone Valesini

Food and music to feel good

But what is an artist like Mogol doing at the presentation of a scientific journal? “I have always been convinced that the most important thing in a person’s life is health“, he replies, adding that this is precisely why he chose to live in a place surrounded by nature.

Giulio Rapetti, aka Mogol

Giulio Rapetti, aka Mogol

And how important is food for Mogol? “A lot, especially to be able to prevent diseases and that’s why I became passionate about the functioning of the endocrine and immune system. Just think that I saved my life thanks to surgery after the doctors discovered that my carotids were blocked. I think that it was due to the fact that as a child they always fed me meat and that is why food plays a fundamental role in our health“.

Do you smoke, are you sedentary and eat badly? The risk of ending up in a nursing home can double

by Enrico Franceschini

Food and social

Even the food blogger believes in food as a source of health Laura Confort (are Instagram ladfoodie) who declares: “There is a lot of attention to food and a great desire for information. After the pandemic we are rediscovering the vegetable garden, the importance of authenticity. I myself start from traditional cuisine for my recipes and working with the nutritionist I have experienced first-hand the benefits of a healthy diet”. And social networks like Instagram where Ladfoodie has more than 62 million followers? “Even on social networks there is much more desire to understand what is behind a recipe and discover that each ingredient has its own importance, so it is welcome that there is the right information through this new scientific magazine”.

The philosophy of one-health

The objective of the NEC – Nutrimentum et Curae magazine is to create a communication tool on nutrition: “Our country – explains Gasbarrini – is an international excellence for its extraordinary agricultural products and for the great quality of our culinary culture in the healthy style of life, ‘Nutrimentum et Curae’ of the person”. The interdisciplinary comparison and the improvement of knowledge on all aspects related to nutrition, well-being and the environment at 360 degrees are inspired by the basic philosophy ‘one-health‘: a unique and broader concept of health in which research and attention are addressed not only to what and how human beings eat, but also to what animals eat, the ecosystem in which we live, the methods of cultivation of agricultural products, the pollution that impacts on the products of the land and the sea”.

The problem of malnutrition

The close link between nutrition and health has been reaffirmed by Francis FranceschiProfessor of Internal Medicine at the Catholic University, Assistant Editor of Nutrimentum et Curae: “Malnutrition is still widespread in the western population, despite the abundance of food. We eat too much or eat badly: in the world of children and adolescents it prevails and increases the obesity; on the other hand, sarcopenia is widespread in our elderly. Pathologies that arise from the imbalance between what we eat and the nourishment that our body would actually need. With Nutrimentum et Curae we will give answers to the need to inform and create awareness also on the damage to health and on the diseases that can arise from a wrong diet”.

Junk food is (also) bad for the brain

by Fabio Di Todaro

The magazine, distributed online, has an editorial committee which, alongside doctors, includes botanists, farmers, veterinarians, bioethicists, psychologists, economists. Scientific articles, produced and published in English, will also be translated into Italian to be usable by citizens.

Why can’t we strengthen the immune system with nutrition and physical activity instead of vaccines? Wouldn’t that also be a saving?

A spa at Mogol’s house

Speaking at the presentation of the magazine, Mogol also announced the birth of his La Rinascita center which will be built in Avigliano Umbro where the Cet, the European Center of Toscolano, has been based for years, the structure wanted by the artist that helps young artists to grow in the world of music and entertainment. “We are organizing the presentation of La Rinascita – explains Mogol – and in a couple of months we should be operational”. The idea is to propose stays of “3, 6 or 9 days”, which start from a purification process to continue training based on about five hundred prevention indications, “which will be contained in the book I am writing and which will be distributed to the guests”.

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