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Mom gives kidney to her son avoiding the start of dialysis – Medicine

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(ANSA) – BARI, 22 SEPTEMBER – A mother gave a kidney to her 36-year-old son with irreversible chronic kidney failure.
It happened at the Policlinico di Bari. The man, originally from Basilicata, would have been forced to undergo dialysis all his life if he had not received the organ.
As soon as she was diagnosed, her mother, 65, had no doubts and asked to check for compatibility for the transplant. The family thus entered the “pre-emptive living donor transplant program”, ie with a patient not on dialysis, of the Nephrology unit directed by Loreto Gesualdo. After all the evaluations, the result of the multidisciplinary collaboration of urologists, nephrologists, immunologists, clinical pathologists, psychologists, imaging experts, infectious diseases, anesthesiologists-resuscitators, the authorization for the removal for the purpose of transplantation has arrived.
24 hours after the operation, the mother recovered mobility and was able to visit her son on the ward. “It was a choice of great awareness and courage – comments Professor Michele Battaglia – the functional recovery of the kidney is good and the patient will soon be able to return to his life regularly. The novelty in this case is the ‘pre emptive’ transplant, ie with the patient not yet on dialysis. The results are enormously better than the custom of carrying out the transplant on a dialysed subject “. (HANDLE).

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