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Monkeypox, suspected case

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Monkeypox, suspected case

Vizzolo: monkeypox, suspected case

Nurses in the hospital

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The protocol is activated for a 28-year-old, laboratory analyzes are awaited

Suspected case of monkeypox in the emergency room of Vizzolo, the protocol is triggered. A 28-year-old showed up yesterday with his arms full of pustules. The health personnel, assuming that it could be smallpox, immediately sent a sample to one of the reference hospitals (which for Vizzolo are the Sacco di Milano and San Matteo di Pavia) and isolated the young man in an emergency service room. urgency. It is not the first time that a patient suspected of smallpox has been reported in the emergency room in Vizzolo. In all the previous cases, however, the analyzes gave negative results. In fact, together with viral isolation and culture, immunohistochemistry for viral antigen detection, enzyme-linked test for antibody detection (IgG and IgM) and DNA detection are necessary to establish a definitive diagnosis. specific viral by PCR. The outcome takes 48 to 72 hours. «For a reassurance of the population – explains the medical director of Galeazzi Fabrizio Pregliasco – a tracing is necessary. There are currently only 13 cases in Italy and 200 in Europe. If it does not stop immediately, however, there is a risk that it could spread and even if it is not a serious disease it is a problem that can spill over and become the disease of pets and become endemic: we do not need it “.

Read the in-depth article on the Citizen of Lodi on newsstands today 31 May

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