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Monkeypox, virologists want to tell us who to have sex with

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Monkeypox, virologists want to tell us who to have sex with

The Christmas Jingle was not enough. Interviews every three for two on the coronavirus, on how to wear a mask, when to do it, why do it, in class yes, at the bar no, with friends of course but with relatives were not enough. With the appearance in Europe of the monkeypox, already the name says it all, virologists are back in vogue after two months of oblivion, supplanted by geopolitical experts. And guess what? They come up with the usual refrain of directions, tips, do’s and don’ts. Even under the sheets.

Love in a mask

You may recall when the Canadian Council of Health Authorities suggested “avoiding kissing, face-to-face contact and excessive closeness” during sexual intercourse. Basically, a punishment. Immediately Fabrizio Pregliasco caught the ball and confirmed everything for the Italians too: sex is better done with protections, in the mouth and nose. “The droplets emitted while breathing can represent a risk, if you have intercourse with an asymptomatic person”, explained the virologist of the University of Milan. “So the suggestion related to the mask makes sense “, even if – he admitted -” I think is not very applicable in practice “.

Monkey pox: how to have sex?

They have not lost the habit of giving suggestions on how to have sex, even with the monkeypox. For heaven’s sake, it has its own meaning: if it is transmitted through sexual intercourse, there is no need for a research by Spallanzani to understand that we must be careful with whom we abandon ourselves to effusions. Pregliasco, however, wanted to make it clear. And he has already drafted a sort of decalogue of the perfect anti-smallpox lover. “Transmission – he explained – occurs above all, and not only, with the sexual act, not only between gays but in general, and therefore particular attention must be paid”. So, here are the three rules of the virologist: “Important is personal hygiene, attention to sexual relations and maybe not having too many partners”. From sex in a mask to monogamy. Will we touch a decree that provides for the obligation of a single partner?

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