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Monkeypox, WHO: “Over 35 thousand cases in the world, infections increased by 20% in one week”. Deaths from Covid are also growing

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Monkeypox, WHO: “Over 35 thousand cases in the world, infections increased by 20% in one week”.  Deaths from Covid are also growing

Cases of monkeypox continue to increase around the world. I am indeed over 35 thousand cases registered to date by the World Health Organization which has collected data from 92 countries. I am instead 12 people who died after being infected by the Monkeypox virus. But the WHO, in the last seven days, has recorded a sharp increase in cases compared to the bulletin of the previous week. The recorded increase is of 20 percentthat is to say that approx 7,500 more people tested positive for the virus. The data was released by the WHO Director General, Tedros Ghebreyesusduring the usual press conference from Geneva.

Most cases of monkeypox have been found primarily in male population who has had sexual intercourse with other men. In light of this, the WHO therefore underlines «the importance for all countries of design and provide tailored services and information for communities in order to protect their health, human rights and dignity“. “The main objective of all countries – added Ghebreyesus – must be to ensure that they are ready to face the spread of the virus, in order to stop its transmission, using effective tools, including a increased disease surveillance, careful contact traceability, risk communication tailor-made and community involvement and measures that reduce the risk of transmission ”.

The monkeypox vaccine

A key role here is played by monkeypox vaccines. The WHO director general then launched an appeal: “We are concerned that unfair access to vaccinations may be repeated that we observed during the Covid-19 pandemic and we fear that people in the poorest areas of the world continue to be left behind ». The World Health Organization, Tedros specified, “is in close contact with vaccine manufacturers and with countries and organizations that are willing to share doses: vaccines can play an important role in controlling the Monkeypox epidemic. and in many countries there is a strong demand for vaccines from affected communities, ”stressed the WHO director general.

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WHO: “In the last 4 weeks, deaths from Covid have increased by 35%”

During the press point, data relating to the epidemiological trend of the Coronavirus pandemic were also released. According to the data available to the WHO, in the last four weeks the deaths caused by the infection from Sars-CoV-2 have increased by 35 percent. Only in the last week, on a global scale, have they been over 15 thousand people died from complications related to Covid. Commenting on the data, the WHO Director General said: “This is totally unacceptable, we have the tools to prevent infections and save lives: we can’t live with 15,000 deaths a week and we cannot live with the increase in hospitalizations and deaths and with unfair access to vaccines and other tools ”.

Tedros then added: «We are all tired of this virus and tired of the pandemic, but the virus is not tired of us. Omicron remains the dominant variant, with the sub-variant BA.5 representing beyond the 90 percent of the sequences found in the last month ». And the WHO director finally issued a warning: “As cold weather approaches in the Northern Hemisphere, people who will spend more time indoors: the risks of transmission of the virus will increase in the coming months and hospitalization, not only because of Covid, but also for other diseases, including the flu ». Hence the invitation of Tedros: “Get vaccinated, do the booster doses and wear masks if it is not possible to respect social distancing, especially in closed environments”.

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